Shooting Film, Not Megapixels

Since my teenage years I’ve been fascinated with photography, and despite the digital age being strong when I started out shooting, I was drawn to film photography and using analogue cameras. Nowadays I don’t use 35mm cameras as much (though I’m still very much an Instax junkie), but I still believe using film cameras is one of the best ways to learn the craft.

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My Instant Camera Collection | VLOG

This week on my YouTube channel I wanted to talk about my little instant camera collection and discuss the pros/cons of them. I love shooting instant photos and would like to film more about it so this felt like a good place to start!

I’ve been growing this collection for quite some time now and love how many memories are associated with these cameras, so seeing them now come back into fashion is really cool. I can see myself shooting with these cameras for many years!

Do you shoot instant photography, or have you seen these cameras around and are thinking of picking one up? Talk to me about it! 

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