One Good Thing | March 20th-26th

Monday 20th | On Monday the absolute highlight of my day was visiting the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for the first preview of 42nd Street being back in the West End! I’ll have a vlog of that online soon but for now I’ll say it was such an exciting night! 


Tuesday 21st | This was a day off where I was able to crack on with editing, and also took a quick shopping trip into Central which was productive!

Wednesday 22nd | My second trip to the theatre this week was to see The Girls at the Phoenix Theatre, again with my theatre buddy Shaun, I feel so lucky to have seen all these shows recently! Sadly on Wednesday there was also the attack on Westminster, but I’m proud of London for being strong and resilient and it makes me proud to be part of this city.

IMG_8991 copy

Thursday 23rd | After a short shift at work (albeit early, so I had to take a nap when home ha!) I went to a late(ish) night concert at the Crazy Coq’s venue in Piccadilly Circus to see the beaut that is Rachel Tucker! I haven’t seen her in concert in so long and she’s really in her prime here. More on that in a video soon!

Friday 24th | I managed to film four, yes, four, videos on Friday! 💀 Two of them were little theatre chats for a couple of vlogs, and two full on videos, and the weather was so beautiful in the day I also went for a 3k walk around my area to enjoy the weather!

Saturday 25th | I thought I’d be more productive on Friday night after my walk but it turns out I wasn’t, but I made up for it on Saturday by editing, uploading and scheduling 3 videos on the YouTube. 👌🏼

Sunday 26th | It was Mother’s Day, and I’m not a huge fan of that concept nowadays for obvious reasons. However, we did have a bloody lovely day. Leo took me for brunch, and then we hopped on the tube to Edgware Road, to then walk through Little Venice and Regent’s Canal. We ended up at the pub for a Sunday roast and caught up with a friend, so all in all a good day. 👍🏼

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One Good Thing | March 13th-19th

Monday 13th | I started off the week rather unfortunately, with a nosebleed! 😷 It’s not exactly what you want but especially not when getting ready for work. Thankfully I had a good first official shift so the rest of the day was a success.

Tuesday 14th | On Tuesday I had my 1st theatre trip of the week, to see An American in Paris! I went with my wonderful friend Shaun and vlogged the whole experience, plus we had a very in-depth chat about the show!

Wednesday 15th | Tuesday and Wednesday were my two days off this week which actually meant getting loads of editing done! Shaun came to my flat in the afternoon to finish off filming the American in Paris vlog, and we also managed to film another video before rushing to the theatre again to see Stepping Out, a review of which will be on my channel next week!

Thursday 16th | The highlight of Thursday was yet another theatre trip!!! I thought I’d only be seeing one show this week, An American in Paris, but yes, I ended up seeing 3 and I’m not complaining. I fiiiiinally saw The Play That Goes Wrong, and again a video of that will be on my channel soon. The show finished quite early so I managed to get home at a decent hour and have some snuggle and movie time with Leo, it feels like we haven’t seen each other at all this week.

Friday 17th | Friday was another day at work, so I’d say the highlight of the day for me was getting loads of lovely feedback on my latest vlog of our American in Paris trip, I really do have the nicest people watching my videos. #blessed 

Saturday 18th | This was my first Saturday at the new job and it was busy. Literally non-stop customers, but I think I handled it well so I’m proud.

Sunday 19th | I don’t really like this date as it marks another anniversary of my mum’s funeral, but I did pop back to my hometown to see my family for the day so that was lovely to catch up with them. Silver linings and all that! 

It’s certainly been a very busy week for me, how was yours?!

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One Good Thing | March 6th-12th

Monday 6th | Finally, I’m not a broken record! This Monday I actually started a job trial which was equal parts scary and exciting.

Tuesday 7th | Another work trial day, but this tweet was the highlight of my day, ngl. 

Wednesday 8th | On Wednesday it was #InternationalWomensDay which was awesome, though in my opinion the celebration and love for occasions like this should happen every day! We’re still a bit away from that I know, but regardless it was nice to see all the support.

Thursday 9th | I was officially hired! After being funemployed this feels like quite the relief and I’m excited to be earning that sweet 💸💸💸 again!

Friday 10th | I had a small business idea during the week and I’m not going to say much about it yet but it’s a tiny idea that really excites me, so I spent Friday doing a lot of research on that!

Saturday 11th | Saturday was a pretty lazy day, but it was nice to spend some time with Leo after what felt like a very busy week.

Sunday 12th | This one might make me sound really sad, but the highlight of Sunday was going out to the park to play a little Pokemon Go, and seeing so many other people playing it too. Also, little daffodils are popping up everywhere and they always make me think of my mum, so that’s a happy/slightly sad thing too.

How was your week? 😊

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First Impressions of MOA’s Green Balm

In the past few years I’ve been exploring the cruelty free beauty and skin care world in an attempt to only buy products that are made ethically while also supporting local brands. Cleansers are an exciting area to discover as there are so many on offer! One brand I’ve been eyeing up recently is MOA, and I wanted to share some first impressions of their Green Balm cleanser. 

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One Good Thing | Feb 27th-March 5th

Monday 27th | I feel like I’m such a broken record when it comes to Monday, but as usual I spent it filming and editing! I’m bringing back an old video series called Curtain Up, which is a video full of chatting about the theatre I’ve been to see this year so far!

Tuesday 28th | The weather has been pretty weird this week but on Tuesday evening it was actually nice and so I ventured out to the park, and spotted my first blossom of the year! 


Wednesday 1st | I had a job interview on Wednesday that went well, and was definitely the best part of the day!

Thursday 2nd | On Thursday Leo and I got our film back! We shot loads of 35mm film last year and I’d just put off sending it to get developed for ages, so it was awesome to get it back. I wrote a little post about some of my favourite shots if you want to check it out!

Friday 3rd | I felt like I hadn’t been to the theatre for a while (which in reality is a lie, it had only been a couple weeks haha) so took myself to the The Other Palace, formerly the St James Theatre, to see The Wild Party! I’ll have a vlog of that on my channel next week :) 

Saturday 4th | Leo and I ventured out to South London in the morning, first to the Bermondsey area to a few sort of farmers market areas? I don’t know how best to describe them but it we visited Spa Terminus and Druid St Market where there are arches under the railway tracks and business’ tucked away in there, it’s really cool! I then went to Greenwich to visit the market and see a show at the theatre, which you’ll see more of on the blog next week!


Sunday 5th | Sunday was an extremely lazy day. I lit a brand new candle (always a good thing), watched the modern Annie after discovering that version and the original are now on Netflix, what a win! Plus obviously I wrote this post. I wanted to go for a walk too but considering how weird the weather was being, I didn’t fancy getting caught in a random rainstorm!

How was your week? 😊

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One Good Thing | February 20th-26th

Monday 20th | Kicked off the week by filming 3 videos, editing and uploading one of them to go up to fit with my Monday/Thursday schedule, still going strong! 💪🏼

Tuesday 21st | I actually went to the cinema for the 2nd time in a matter of days, this time it was with a free ticket to see Patriots Day at the Courthouse Hotel, it was an interesting film and a very snazzy venue!

Wednesday 22nd | The highlight of Wednesday was the simple act of asking the homeless guy who normally hangs out by my nearest tube station if there was anything he’d like from the shops and he very politely asked if I’d mind getting him some chocolate digestives and perhaps a chocolate milkshake, which was obviously not a problem.

Thursday 23rd | Despite having the worst night’s sleep, I did manage to have a semi-productive day of job applications, video editing and uploading, so that’s something!

Friday 24th | The weather was being nice on Friday so I ventured out and took a little trip to Shaftesbury Avenue for a video I’m filming next week, so more on that soon!


Saturday 25th | This date does not hold good memories, but we took the train out of London to stay with Leo’s parents for the weekend so it was good to escape.

Sunday 26th | While the weather wasn’t the nicest, we drove to Sissinghurst Castle Garden where I could christen my new National Trust card for the first time! Sadly the gardens were closed but it was a nice place to walk around and they also had a photography exhibition which was fun to have a nosey at!

How was your week? 😄 

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