So I’m a Podcast Person Now?

I think the last time I listened to a podcast was about 10 years ago, which is ridiculous, and somehow recently I’ve become obsessed with them! Obviously theatre was going to be my gateway into the podcast work so I wanted to share with you some of my favourites that I’ve recently discovered!


Broadway Backstory

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across Broadway Backstory, but it was the first podcast I started listening to and for me it was hook, line and sinker (in the best way)! Patrick Hinds hosts the podcast and gives us an insight into how shows came to be, from the initial idea to the productions we know and love! I binge listened to the first season in a matter of days and was devastated to realise they weren’t adding more until September! The podcast has already featured some amazing shows and I’m so excited to hear about more.


Theater People

From Broadway Backstory, I went straight onto Theater People! This one is also hosted by Patrick Hinds (he’s a big podcast person, obviously!) and this podcast focus’ on interviewing individuals from performers to producers to music directors and beyond, and it’s fascinating to hear all these insights into the theatre industry. There are so many episodes available that I’ve not even made my way through them all!


The Ensemblist

I was introduced to The Ensemblist via Theater People – which is awesome, I love how the theatre podcast community are supporting each other and sharing the podcast love! This podcast, as you might be able to tell from the name, focus’ on Broadway performers who normally don’t get as much time in the spotlight. I’m such a fan of more people realising how amazing ensemble members are, especially considering how much crap standbys and understudies usually get, so this podcast is perfect for that.


The Hamilcast

Like a lot of people, I’m kind of obsessed with Hamilton. If you are like me, you should probably listen to this podcast… It was set up by two fans of the show just as a means to talk about it more and share the Hamilove and I ADORE IT. It always puts a smile on my face because they are so enthusiastic about the show, but not only that, I’m actually learning a lot from it as they’re currently going through the book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write Hamilton, so it’s like a really fun history lesson too!


The Broadway Podcast

And finally, the newest addition to my subscription list, it’s another Patrick Hinds podcast, the man is non-stop! 😂 This new podcast is initially focusing on the Tony Awards which are right round the corner, with interviews from previous nominees and insights to the exciting night!

There are soooo many more podcasts I need to try and listen to, I can definitely see myself getting into the plethora of crime related podcasts that are out there as I find that stuff fascinating, but it’s no surprise that theatre was my gateway to the wonderful world of podcasts! 

Let me know what your favourite podcasts are in the comments! 🎧 

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2 thoughts on “So I’m a Podcast Person Now?

  1. Lynn says:

    Also, Little Known Facts by Ilana Levine. I found her on the Hamilcast, and she is hilarious. I’m guessing you already know that Patrick and Gillian are starting a true crime podcast?

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