An Accidental Hiatus

So, if you happen to enjoy reading and following my blog, you might’ve noticed the radio silence this month. If you missed me, apologies! If not, well, that’s ok too, and here’s a sort of explanation as to what’s been happening.

At the start of this year I thought to myself how I wanted to make a real effort in improving both this blog and my YouTube channel (which you should absolutely check out by the way, shameless plug) and for the first few months I think I did a pretty damn good job. In April, something changed. Life got busy with work and social activities which is a sort of poor excuse I know, but it’s not like I make money from this blog, and as much as I enjoy putting content out online I don’t want to put stuff out there if it’s crap just for the sake of putting things out there, if that makes sense. I have been loving creating videos and documenting my recent theatre experiences though, and I’m so proud of the content I’m creating on that side of things! 

When it comes to writing though, I really fell out of love with it, and also lost inspiration. I kept on starting to write things in my head at the most annoying times (the moments when I couldn’t actually write anything down!) and then by the time I sat down at my laptop to type it all out, all the thoughts were gone. I’ve practically forced myself to start writing this exact post just to get everything off my brain. 

With life being busy and inspiration escaping me, I’ve also had a weird month in terms of my mental state. I guess I’ve not really focused on it much but the grief has been strong in April and while I think about my mum pretty much every day anyway, for some reason unbeknownst to me the reality of her death has been incredibly pressing; I’ll probably write a post about this soon as it’s not the main reason for a lack of writing but it’s certainly affected me this month. 

I definitely think I put too much pressure on myself, and I honestly admire anyone that can keep up multiple avenues of content creation at a high standard but right now it’s just little ol’ me trying my best, attempting to keep on track with life and all the normal stuff while also wanting to create fun stuff online. So that’s where my head is at! 

I’m going to attempt to write more, definitely, even if they’re just small posts of my thoughts on certain things or maybe some easy pretty photo-posts, because I want to fall in love with blogging again. If I don’t love it then no-one will love the posts I’m writing, and what’s the point in that! 

Anyway. If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around, I do really appreciate it. 

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