A Sweet Sunday in Sunny London

Mother’s Day isn’t exactly my favourite, but the weather was stunning on Sunday and I didn’t want to stay inside and feel mopey, so I asked Leo if we could go out exploring to take my mind off things and boy did that work!

We started the day by visiting a secret location (secret for me anyway) for brunch in Crouch End, an area of London that’s literally 15 minutes up the road from us but we’ve never been there. It actually looks like a nice spot, and our restaurant for brunch was so lovely. 

The design of the restaurant was simple and classy, and I especially loved the tiled walls – literally it’s exactly what I want in a future kitchen! Our orders were very ‘us’, cappuccino and pancakes for Leo, hot chocolate and a full English for me, and everything tasted so good. Not only that, it was crazy cheap considering we’re in London, our bill came to just over £20 total, so if you’re looking for a gorgeous brunch on the weekend, definitely check Melange out!

We then hopped on a bus to Finsbury Park, and from there got on the tube to Edgware Road as we had a walking route planned and this was our starting point! On leaving Edgware Road tube station you are greeted by the most beautiful buildings, and every time I see them I can’t help but feel like I’ve suddenly been transported back to Amsterdam.

From Edgware Road we walked down to Little Venice, and then along Regent’s Canal. I’ve been meaning to do this full walk for such a long time now so I’m glad we’ve finally been able to do it and on such a beautiful day. I’d highly recommend you take this walk if you have some free time to venture out that way because it’s amazing that you can find places like this tucked away in central London! 🌸

We detoured off the canal into Primrose Hill, which I realised only then that I don’t think I’ve been in this park before! That’s another thing I’ve been meaning to do, because everyone says the view is awesome from the top of the hill so I guess I’ll have to tick that off the list soon. There are some stunning houses in the Primrose Hill area and I dread to think how much they cost to live in but damn they’re pretty. 🏡

It’s easy to love houses that are painted in pastel colours, especially when Spring is blooming and so are the Magnolia trees, showing off their colour and coating doorsteps in beautiful petals. 👌🏼 Dream house doorstep, right here. 

Of course, I had to get an instax snap. The one shame about the sun is that it’s hard to get a perfectly exposed shot, but I think this one turned out ok! Another springstax to add to the collection. 

Hope you had a nice Sunday, let me know if you’ve taken this route in London! ✌🏼

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