The Broadway Shows I’m Dreaming Of!

As it’s currently #WorldTheatreDay, I thought it’d be fun to write a blogpost all about theatre! If you know me you know I’ll talk about theatre anyway, I feel like recently I’ve literally been living and breathing the theatre lifestyle and it’s something I’m totally okay with. While I live in London and take full advantage of the West End, as of late I’m truly lusting over Broadway…

85868-11Amélie is a show high on my wishlist despite never having watched the film… Firstly, because Phillipa Soo. If you don’t know who she is then where the heck have you been?! She originated the role of Elizabeth Schuyler in Hamilton on Broadway and I remember falling in love with her voice when listening to the OBCR. I feel like Amélie is one of those shows I’d love and the marketing is so beautiful – it’s one of the main things that draws me to a show, which means it’s done the job well I guess!



Waitress is another show I’ve avoided listening to, though it’s hard not to be spoiled. I’ve heard songs from this at concerts and friends who have seen the show have absolutely raved about it, so I think I’d definitely enjoy it. 


I feel like very recently Dear Evan Hansen has propelled to insane levels of hype in the theatre community, I mean I know Broadway tickets are expensive but I was not prepared for the prices I was shown online…! It’s another one I’ve tried to avoid listening to or seeing the plot in hopes that I’ll eventually get to see it, but again I heard a song from it at a concert recently and it did sound amazing! Cross your fingers for me that one day I might be lucky enough to see it. 😬




Everyone knows about 9/11, but this new musical documents what happened in the days after this tragic event, and tells the stories most don’t know about. I remember reading up on the situations shown in this show so it’d be fascinated to watch how they do it onstage, and I’m all about supporting new musicals, so I’d love to see Come From Away!

I mean of course I’m going to mention Hamilton. I have tickets to see this in London at the end of this year but still I think I have to at least try the lottery while I’m over there (every single day of the trip, yes) because it would be amazing to see the show in its Broadway home. However, I do feel very grateful that I’ll at least be able to see it in the West End in the near future! 


Okay so the last thing isn’t a show, but it’s definitely been on my mind recently. I’ve heard of BroadwayCon, but I’d never looked too much into it until now, and that was probably for the best because now I absolutely must go. I feel so much envy of the Broadway community when they get awesome events like this, because we’ve never had something like it in the West End. I believe there is a West End Con in the works but honestly I’m not sure when that’ll be happening, so I’m likely going to try and visit New York in 2018 purely for this, despite the fact I’ll hopefully be over there this year too!

Have you been lucky enough to visit Broadway, or attended a previous BroadwayCon?
Tell me all about it! 🎭

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