How to Fund a Theatre Addiction!

I get it, you love going to the theatre. Me too! Just like you, I know how pricey it can be if you aren’t savvy about where and how you get your theatre tickets. While I’ve spoken about this topic before on my YouTube channel and this blog, things are always changing, so here’s some up to date info for you! 🎭🎟️

A note before we start! Please, please, please, only ever buy tickets from STAR members, they follow strict guidelines to ticket selling and it means you won’t get scammed or sold obscenely high prices for crap tickets!

In this post I’m going to be covering not only the cheaper ways to physically get tickets, but also how to save up money for future theatre trips! 💸


If you’re able to handle an early morning, sporadic British weather and a couple of hours queuing, then I’d always recommend dayseating. I’ve spoken about it at length in this video, but also if you have a show in mind you can check this brilliant list on TheatreMonkey to see which shows offer dayseats and reports of when people have arrived at the theatre, the prices of tickets and location of seats etc!


I don’t think it’s a secret that this app is one of my favourites, they recently had a revamp and it’s better than ever. It’s so easy to use, with some great discounts and an excellent lottery/rush scheme for a handful of shows!

If you’ve never used the app before – download it and use the code RZUSI for £10 off!

For the lottery you can enter in the morning and will find out a few hours before the show if you’ve won – generally they’re front row tickets around £15-25. With the rush tickets you ‘unlock’ them via sharing a Tweet or Facebook post from the app and then you’re able to purchase tickets immediately, if they’re available. Obviously this has a higher guarantee rate of tickets over the lottery and it’s great both these options are available! 

*There are also some in-person lotteries still on the West End, they are listed on the TheatreMonkey website*

Student/Railcard Discount

Ok so I haven’t tried this in a looong time, but I remember back in the day I definitely got a discount especially at Wicked by showing either my student card or my 16-25 railcard. It’s definitely worth trying still now if you’re ever buying tickets directly at the theatre’s box office, the worst answer you can get is a no! 


I am obsessed with SeatPlan. This website is a genius idea and I’m so glad they created it. If you’ve never used the site, basically it’s full of loads of seating charts and legitimate reviews from theatregoers about seats in the theatre! So before you book your tickets you can check out what other people have thought of the seats and it’ll help you decide where you want to sit. That’s not even the best thing though – when you add reviews to SeatPlan every photo that you add of either your seat or ticket puts you 50p closer to Theatre Tokens! I’ve already claimed £20 in tokens from SeatPlan and I’ve already reviewed enough to get another £20, so if you have loads of ticket stubs hidden away bring them out and add reviews, then use the tokens on future trips! 👍🏼👍🏼

Seatplan gif

In general – always put things like Theatre Tokens on your birthday/Christmas lists! That way your friends and family can help fund your trips ha!

Also, if you have a knack with blogging the community is getting bigger and stronger, so start reviewing shows on your blog and then approach either the LDNTheatreBloggers group, or PR teams directly to try and get on their lists, it’s always worth a try if you’re willing to put the work in!

Those are my top tips on how to afford a theatre habit, I hope you’ve found it helpful! Let me know the shows you’re going to see soon, or what you’ve been to see recently! 🎭

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