One Good Thing | March 13th-19th

Monday 13th | I started off the week rather unfortunately, with a nosebleed! 😷 It’s not exactly what you want but especially not when getting ready for work. Thankfully I had a good first official shift so the rest of the day was a success.

Tuesday 14th | On Tuesday I had my 1st theatre trip of the week, to see An American in Paris! I went with my wonderful friend Shaun and vlogged the whole experience, plus we had a very in-depth chat about the show!

Wednesday 15th | Tuesday and Wednesday were my two days off this week which actually meant getting loads of editing done! Shaun came to my flat in the afternoon to finish off filming the American in Paris vlog, and we also managed to film another video before rushing to the theatre again to see Stepping Out, a review of which will be on my channel next week!

Thursday 16th | The highlight of Thursday was yet another theatre trip!!! I thought I’d only be seeing one show this week, An American in Paris, but yes, I ended up seeing 3 and I’m not complaining. I fiiiiinally saw The Play That Goes Wrong, and again a video of that will be on my channel soon. The show finished quite early so I managed to get home at a decent hour and have some snuggle and movie time with Leo, it feels like we haven’t seen each other at all this week.

Friday 17th | Friday was another day at work, so I’d say the highlight of the day for me was getting loads of lovely feedback on my latest vlog of our American in Paris trip, I really do have the nicest people watching my videos. #blessed 

Saturday 18th | This was my first Saturday at the new job and it was busy. Literally non-stop customers, but I think I handled it well so I’m proud.

Sunday 19th | I don’t really like this date as it marks another anniversary of my mum’s funeral, but I did pop back to my hometown to see my family for the day so that was lovely to catch up with them. Silver linings and all that! 

It’s certainly been a very busy week for me, how was yours?!

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