Our Day Trip to York

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Leo and I did a roadtrip to Wales for a few days, and looking back on it now it’s quite funny considering we hadn’t been together that long. However it was a good little test on the early stages of our relationship and almost foreshadowing of the many adventures we’d take from that moment on. This year we’d just been away for our anniversary at the end of January, so for Valentine’s we decided on a quick day trip to York!

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The first thing we did when we reached York was visit the National Railway Museum as it’s right by the station and it’s free! Leo is a huge fan of trains and I’m happy enough to learn a bit more about them so we had a wander through there. 

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It was really fascinating to see loads of trains and to realise just how large they are, I guess because normally you only see trains on the tracks and you can’t really grasp the size of them when half of the train is below platform level, but standing next to them is a whole other thing. My favourite part was getting to walk underneath a train, mildly terrified that it would suddenly collapse (as if), because it’s not something you get to do every day!

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We walked into the city centre, briefly stopping off in the Museum Gardens to have a mooch round. As we’d arrived in York just after lunch were quite peckish so popped into Cafe Concerto which is super close to York Minster and a cosy spot to grab lunch. While there were so many different options for food, I went for a very simple bacon baguette. 😂


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After filling a hole we explored more of York! We didn’t fancy paying to go into the Minster (cheapskates I know) but admired it from outside and then headed towards the Shambles area. It’s funny because I visited York on a school trip when I was 12, so 10 years ago now! It definitely seems a lot smaller than I remember it, which kind of makes me feel sad. Ah, age. After wandering along the river we came across Clifford’s Tower and decided to go up it! It was so windy that we actually thought we could be blown off the side! I always love seeing the view of places from above and I think we only had to pay around £4 each to get in.


At this point we were ready for food again, and Leo had suggested we visit Betty’s tea rooms. Their window display was set up for Easter and looked phenomenal, look at those eggs!!! The one on the left was ridiculously huge and cost £250. £250Just let that sink in a sec. It was a delightful place for afternoon tea, or milkshake in my case, and I’d highly recommend visiting there. 


We felt like we’d seen most of the surroundings already and didn’t have the time to venture into a museum or something similar, so we headed towards where we’d be having dinner via the river path and also the city walls, because when do you get the chance to walk along old city walls in your day to day life?! We obviously didn’t have time to walk the entire length of the walls, and we actually got to one point and had to turn around as they were being locked up, but thankfully we didn’t have to backtrack too far.

Leo loves BrewDog so we had an obligatory stop there, the staff were really nice and despite me not liking beer we managed to find a beverage I’d enjoy! It felt good to have a proper sit down after being on our feet lots, and Leo and I somehow ended up having some intense chats about important life things over our drinks, a weird place to have these discussions but it worked ha! 

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Our last stop in York was dinner at Skosh! It was such an interesting experience and honestly, I had so much to say about it that I actually wrote a whole blog post just about our meals, so you can check that out to read more about this insane restaurant! 

That was our whirlwind trip to York! Have you been? Let me know if you have and what your favourite part of the city was! 

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