One Good Thing | March 6th-12th

Monday 6th | Finally, I’m not a broken record! This Monday I actually started a job trial which was equal parts scary and exciting.

Tuesday 7th | Another work trial day, but this tweet was the highlight of my day, ngl. 

Wednesday 8th | On Wednesday it was #InternationalWomensDay which was awesome, though in my opinion the celebration and love for occasions like this should happen every day! We’re still a bit away from that I know, but regardless it was nice to see all the support.

Thursday 9th | I was officially hired! After being funemployed this feels like quite the relief and I’m excited to be earning that sweet 💸💸💸 again!

Friday 10th | I had a small business idea during the week and I’m not going to say much about it yet but it’s a tiny idea that really excites me, so I spent Friday doing a lot of research on that!

Saturday 11th | Saturday was a pretty lazy day, but it was nice to spend some time with Leo after what felt like a very busy week.

Sunday 12th | This one might make me sound really sad, but the highlight of Sunday was going out to the park to play a little Pokemon Go, and seeing so many other people playing it too. Also, little daffodils are popping up everywhere and they always make me think of my mum, so that’s a happy/slightly sad thing too.

How was your week? 😊

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4 thoughts on “One Good Thing | March 6th-12th

    • rukayacesar says:

      Thanks so much Cora! I’m back working in theatreland which is good, I’m now working in a ticket agency which is totally new for me, a lot of new stuff to get to grips with but I’m glad I’m back in theatre work somehow 😀

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