First Impressions of MOA’s Green Balm

In the past few years I’ve been exploring the cruelty free beauty and skin care world in an attempt to only buy products that are made ethically while also supporting local brands. Cleansers are an exciting area to discover as there are so many on offer! One brand I’ve been eyeing up recently is MOA, and I wanted to share some first impressions of their Green Balm cleanser. 

First – that packaging. Of course, of COURSE I was going to eventually buy something from MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary)! There are a few different options of how you can purchase the cleanser; for the Green Balm with their bamboo face cloth as well it’s £17.50 total, the Green Balm on its own is £12.50 50ml, £4.99 for 15ml or alternatively they offer a 3-pack of 15ml pots at £11.50 and overall I’d say all of these options are a very reasonable price! I went for the first option, the Daily Cleansing Ritual, just because you can never have too many face clothes and I was intrigued by the bamboo! 


The packaging and presentation of the Green Balm is stunning, you can’t deny that! This cleanser is certainly unlike any I’ve used before, I have used a balm cleanser before but the consistency of MOA’s is different, it feels thinner but in a good way. You don’t feel like you’re putting way too much on your skin and at the same time I feel like you’re not wasting so much product which is always a win! Once on the skin the Green Balm feels silky in a way, and melts away make up so quickly. The bamboo cloth is really soft and doesn’t feel rough on your skin.

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Smell is a really crucial thing for me when it comes to cleansers, because obviously you’re rubbing it all over your face, and if it smells bad that’s not going to be pleasant! The smell of the Green Balm is certainly different to cleansers I’ve used previously but it’s not unpleasant, it’s an interesting mix with the yarrow and the tea tree. 

Some have claimed this is a miracle balm, and that it’s really cleared up their skin – I can’t comment on that yet! My skin is generally a bit of a mess though, however I have to say this is certainly one of the nicest cleansers I’ve used. It’s just easy

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My skin care routine is by no means long, all I do after getting all my make up off with the Green Balm is use Pai’s Rosehip Bioregenerate facial oil, which is actually the first oil I’ve used on my face. As you can see from the photo, I’m almost out of it and I’m definitely considering trying the Aphrodite Facial Oil from MOA seeing as that also has a rosehip base! 

Depending on how I get on with the Green Balm I might also purchase the 3 small cleansers package because I can see those being perfect for travelling – sometimes that’s the worst thing about cleansers, they’re always bulky to carry round with you! Regardless, I’ll have to consult my bank account first before making any of these purchases 😂 

Have you tried MOA’s products before, or do you have a different cleanser that’s your fave? Let me know! 

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