New Discoveries in Greenwich Market

This past weekend I visited South East London as I was seeing a show at the Greenwich Theatre and had some time free before the show to wander round the area, something I love to do in this beautiful part of the city. The market is always full of incredible products and I wanted to share a few brilliant ones I came across!

The first thing I spotted when entering the market, mostly because they have a well positioned stall but also because ✨shiny✨ was the Catford Creative Club art! I love seeing maps like this, I just think they look so cool and I can’t wait to have loads of gorgeous prints in a future home; these tick so many boxes. I got chatting to the owner of the stall and company and she explained how much work goes into making these prints mostly because of the metallic elements of them, which was fascinating to hear. I love talking to the makers behind products and it’s one of the reasons I love visiting markets like this to meet the people behind the products! 

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It didn’t take me long to find candles, I mean literally no time at all. I was drawn to Magma London due to the gorgeous packaging, I think they’re some of the most beautifully packaged candles I’ve ever seen at a market! Obviously I had a sniff of what was on display and debated whether I really needed another candle (I have 5 on my desk already) but yes, yes I did. To be fair, £15 for a massive soy candle like this is an absolute steal (it’s actually £25 online) and I love buying stuff directly from the maker so it was worth it. Again, I got chatting to the guy at the stall who makes the candles which was really nice, and I learnt that he usually has coffee beans in a cup on the table too to act as a palate cleanser of sorts for in between sniffs, so I learnt something new! I can’t believe I never knew this. 

Wandering further into the market these fascinating soaps on Kat’s Kalma‘s stall caught my eye, just look at how beautiful they are! I think the Cedarwood and Patchouli looks like slab of marble, and next to them was a Spicy soap that had gorgeous brown swirls in them, almost too pretty to use! 

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Next up, more candles. What can I say, I’m a candle junkie 😬 I refrained from spending more money having already purchased a candle but the selection from McKinley & Paget caught my eye. They had coffee beans on their table too which made me laugh, seeing them so soon after learning of this trick! I’d definitely recommend checking out their site, they had some delightful scent mixtures.

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The last super cool thing I saw before leaving the market, were these insane lamps! The Edison trend is still very much alive, and I too love them, but I’ve never seen them like this! The guy who makes these at Retro & Rustic Lamps welds together all the chains to make these awesome stands for the bulbs, and he also had a standing lamp made of chain as well which was literally insane, I stupidly didn’t get a photo of it but trust me when I say it was cool. I desperately want one but it’s £55 I can’t spend right now, so on the future home list it goes.

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Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, perhaps you’ve found some ‘treat yo’self’ inspo, or a present idea or two! Definitely visit Greenwich Market on the weekend if you can, it’s a fantastic area to visit!

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