One Good Thing | Feb 27th-March 5th

Monday 27th | I feel like I’m such a broken record when it comes to Monday, but as usual I spent it filming and editing! I’m bringing back an old video series called Curtain Up, which is a video full of chatting about the theatre I’ve been to see this year so far!

Tuesday 28th | The weather has been pretty weird this week but on Tuesday evening it was actually nice and so I ventured out to the park, and spotted my first blossom of the year! 


Wednesday 1st | I had a job interview on Wednesday that went well, and was definitely the best part of the day!

Thursday 2nd | On Thursday Leo and I got our film back! We shot loads of 35mm film last year and I’d just put off sending it to get developed for ages, so it was awesome to get it back. I wrote a little post about some of my favourite shots if you want to check it out!

Friday 3rd | I felt like I hadn’t been to the theatre for a while (which in reality is a lie, it had only been a couple weeks haha) so took myself to the The Other Palace, formerly the St James Theatre, to see The Wild Party! I’ll have a vlog of that on my channel next week :) 

Saturday 4th | Leo and I ventured out to South London in the morning, first to the Bermondsey area to a few sort of farmers market areas? I don’t know how best to describe them but it we visited Spa Terminus and Druid St Market where there are arches under the railway tracks and business’ tucked away in there, it’s really cool! I then went to Greenwich to visit the market and see a show at the theatre, which you’ll see more of on the blog next week!


Sunday 5th | Sunday was an extremely lazy day. I lit a brand new candle (always a good thing), watched the modern Annie after discovering that version and the original are now on Netflix, what a win! Plus obviously I wrote this post. I wanted to go for a walk too but considering how weird the weather was being, I didn’t fancy getting caught in a random rainstorm!

How was your week? 😊

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