Shooting Film, Not Megapixels

Since my teenage years I’ve been fascinated with photography, and despite the digital age being strong when I started out shooting, I was drawn to film photography and using analogue cameras. Nowadays I don’t use 35mm cameras as much (though I’m still very much an Instax junkie), but I still believe using film cameras is one of the best ways to learn the craft.

I recently sent off a bunch of film that Leo and I had shot last year, it took me far too long to do but with the cost of it it’s an easy thing to put off doing! However the real fun is when you finally get the images back and get to see how they turned out, and I wanted to share some of my favourites from the various rolls.

First up we have some shots from around London, these were all taken last Summer when the weather was actually nice and the evenings long.


We visited Copenhagen in August and there are a couple of shots I really like from there, especially this person sat outside the library. It’s a shame about the mark on the top of the negative, I’m not sure what happened there! I also wish there wasn’t such an overall blue tone on the shot of Nyhavn, but it’s not the end of the world.


While most of the rolls of film were recent shots, there was half a roll that had some *seriously* old shots on!! It was quite funny to see them, especially as I’d totally forgotten taking them. This one below is from Camden Market, I loved all the coloured flags.


We took a daytrip to Margate for a photowalk with Betty Magazine, and the weather was so glorious, writing this whole post is making me desperately miss the constant sunshine and warmth! I adore this portrait of Leo on the train, and also while we were wandering around the town we saw kids jumping off the pier into the water – I’m shocked at how sharp this shot came out, very happy with it!


Lastly we’re back in London, and I can’t remember why we were in this area late in the Summer but it reminded me of when I trawled round parts of East London to write this post about photobooths in London!


Once again I’m amazed by the wonders of film photography, and obviously now I’m re-inspired to shoot on my 35mm cameras once again!

If you’d like to see more of my film work, I’m regularly posting instax and such on Instagram so do follow me over there!

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