Visiting the National Trust Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

At the end of 2016, after quite a few trips to National Trust locations with Leo and his parents, I finally got myself a National Trust card! Last weekend we journeyed to Kent and I used my card for the first time with a trip to Sissinghurst. 

As you can probably tell from the name, the area has a very impressive castle as well as huge gardens, and like most National Trust places – there’s a lot to explore! The castle was such a beautiful building, can you imagine living somewhere like this?! 

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You can actually go up within the tower to a terrace above where you can get some lovely views from, even on a cloudy day like we were experiencing! Despite being rather cold and windy, I always love seeing things from above so it’s really cool you’re able to do this here! On the way up there are a few rooms which give you more information on the area and also have various historical artefacts, so plenty to see and learn. 

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Sadly the gardens were closed when we visited, they’ll re-open in a couple of weeks for Spring so we’ll have to go back! However there were certainly signs of Spring everywhere and seeing the splashes of colour here and there was such a treat, I especially loved these flowers below for their vibrancy! 

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We strolled further round the estate where there are two lakes, and it’s fascinating as there is one lake higher than the other, with a path in between them, which I’ve not seen before!

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As I mentioned, it was noticeable that Spring is just round the corner with flowers peeking out, I can’t wait until everything is in full bloom! 🌸

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We need to talk about how beautiful this little spot is – can you imagine how quaint it’d be to sit in here with a book and just escape from the rest of the world for an afternoon? As it’s part of the gardens this is as close as we could get, I’m not sure if you’re actually able to go inside when the gardens are open but I’d love to have a nosey inside! 

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Our last stop before heading home was to have a nosey round the International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition which, as a photographer, I obviously loved! Some of the photos were incredible, and in part of the exhibition space they’d put up a beautiful display of dried flowers, quite the spectacle! 

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Are you a National Trust member? I’m looking forward to hopefully visiting a lot more locations around the UK over the next year, let me know if you have a favourite!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting the National Trust Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

  1. Cora E Smith says:

    Your photos are amazing! Do you use an editing software to make them that perfect? Are you going to a blog/vlog at some point about your photography with some tips to make ours look as good as yours?

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