One Good Thing | February 20th-26th

Monday 20th | Kicked off the week by filming 3 videos, editing and uploading one of them to go up to fit with my Monday/Thursday schedule, still going strong! 💪🏼

Tuesday 21st | I actually went to the cinema for the 2nd time in a matter of days, this time it was with a free ticket to see Patriots Day at the Courthouse Hotel, it was an interesting film and a very snazzy venue!

Wednesday 22nd | The highlight of Wednesday was the simple act of asking the homeless guy who normally hangs out by my nearest tube station if there was anything he’d like from the shops and he very politely asked if I’d mind getting him some chocolate digestives and perhaps a chocolate milkshake, which was obviously not a problem.

Thursday 23rd | Despite having the worst night’s sleep, I did manage to have a semi-productive day of job applications, video editing and uploading, so that’s something!

Friday 24th | The weather was being nice on Friday so I ventured out and took a little trip to Shaftesbury Avenue for a video I’m filming next week, so more on that soon!


Saturday 25th | This date does not hold good memories, but we took the train out of London to stay with Leo’s parents for the weekend so it was good to escape.

Sunday 26th | While the weather wasn’t the nicest, we drove to Sissinghurst Castle Garden where I could christen my new National Trust card for the first time! Sadly the gardens were closed but it was a nice place to walk around and they also had a photography exhibition which was fun to have a nosey at!

How was your week? 😄 

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