Dining Differently in York

Last week Leo and I went on a quick daytrip to York, and one of the only things we had booked in advance was dinner! Leo had taken a look online to see which restaurants were highly recommended and came across Skosh, and thankfully they were able to get us a table – it’s a very busy place!

Skosh is a restaurant like no other I’ve been to, when we sat down our waiter came and explained how their menu works – which was funny to me because y’know, it’s a menu, you know what happens with a menu! 😂 However at Skosh their menu is compiled of small plates which encourages you to share new tastes with the person you’re with, and he said usually people order around 8-9 plates! We honestly didn’t think we’d order that much, but as the plates are quite small you naturally end up picking that many. 

We were in the high tables right by the open kitchen which I loved, it’s always fun to see how the food is being cooked and prepared, this also helped us in making food decisions as we could see the dishes going out.

To start things off, we had vadai with fadmoor carrot puree as it just sounded totally different to anything we’ve ever tried, and it was really yummy. It reminded me of something I’ve tasted before, perhaps from my gran’s cooking as she’s Mauritian so there must have been some similar flavours there. It was the first dish where we’d realise that Skosh has their flavour combinations spot on!

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The first dish I picked for myself was the Skosh fried chicken with brown butter hollandaise and oh, my, god. Let me tell you, I made a winning choice. 🎉 I actually told Leo to back off because I didn’t want him to eat all of it! Jeez, just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. 

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I don’t like eating fish but there were some exotic sounding dishes that Leo took advantage of (we didn’t really do the whole sharing thing well 😂) and he also chowed down on his dishes before I had the chance to photograph! I believe he had an octopus dish, and I think the other one was cuttlefish (could be wrong there) and he picked that one because it had watermelon in which mildly amazed him! Apparently it was very good, fresh watermelon, and it’s safe to say the combo worked. 


Skosh also had this cool beer brand which Leo tried, and I found the tag very apt!

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While Leo was eating fish, I was having bread (sounds kind of biblical doesn’t it!) and it was damn good bread. They label it as an Indian style flatbread and it came with cumin creme fraiche plus pickled lime puree. I’m not a huge fan of lime so only had a bit of the puree, but the creme fraiche was delicious, I definitely want to try and make it at home! 

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My last pick from the savoury menu was the saddleback pork with rhubarb ketchup, which obviously I picked because of the condiment combo! I’ve only ever had regular ketchup and while this one didn’t scream rhubarb it definitely was sweeter than usual ketchup – it was really good!

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To finish our meal off, we had two of their small desserts – a peanut butter milkshake with tiny donuts that were small but mighty! The milkshake was so good, it genuinely tasted like blended up peanut butter and the donuts, oh boy. That’s caramel custard under them by the way, and yes, they were incredible. 

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If you’re ever in York I’d highly recommend checking Skosh out, I believe the menu is ever changing so there’ll always be new things to try and it’s certainly a unique experience. I hope to see one in the South someday!

Check out Skosh and their menu here! 🍴

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