6 London Museums I Need to Visit

I’ve mentioned before that despite living in London, I definitely don’t take advantage of everything there is on offer, especially when it comes to museums and galleries. To keep on track and also feel like the internet is holding me to it to visit these places, I thought I’d share the spots in London I want to visit most!

Natural History Museum

Very high on my list, and mainly because of how impressive it looks, is the Natural History Museum! I think it has some stunning architecture that totally reminds me of Hogwarts, and I feel it’s a crime to live in London and not visit such a prestigious museum. Plus it’s free, which is brilliant. 


London Transport Museum

Another museum I’ve wanted to visit for ages, and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t been yet, is London’s Transport Museum. I’ve previously worked in Covent Garden so you’d think after hearing the announcement of ‘Alight here for London’s Transport Museum’ would’ve done the trick… After doing a quick image search, I’m actually shocked at how cool it looks inside?! Sorry LTM, I wildly underestimated you and will certainly be paying you a visit soon.

Wellcome Collection

I feel like the Wellcome Collection is one of those weird and wonderful places that I’ve got to visit. I’m always seeing photos of the bizarre exhibitions they have on and always seem to blimmin’ miss them! I’ll be keeping an eye on what they’ve got coming up and will 100% be making a trip.

Bank of England Museum

There’s something really fascinating about money isn’t there? How you can have a coin or a note and it looks the same but it’s constantly fluctuating, values increasing and decreasing and changing inline with what’s happening in the world… I want to know more about it and the Bank of England museum is probably the perfect place to start, plus I love the fact it’s free. How ironic would it be if they charged entry! 😂


I guess this one isn’t technically a museum, but the Barbican Centre is full of art, music, theatre and more so I’m sure it’ll tick all the boxes for me. I’m fascinated by the architecture of the place and feel like going round there with my cameras will be quite the experience! Perhaps this one will be perfect for a trip in Spring when the weather is a bit nicer, I can imagine the contrast of blue skies with the striking grey buildings will make quite the sight!


Design Museum

Recently I’ve become so into finding different design types, so I’m sure the Design Museum (as well as its shop no doubt) will be quite the treasure trove for my eyes! They have a permanent exhibition that is free to see so I’m looking forward to visiting and seeing that, and perhaps more!

Where would you love to visit in London, do you have other museum recommendations for me? Please let me know!

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2 thoughts on “6 London Museums I Need to Visit

  1. Jessica (Diverting Journeys) says:

    The Wellcome Collection is excellent, and they’ve got a new exhibition about electricity opening this week, which I’m sure will be worth seeing! However, just a head’s up, the London Transport Museum is definitely not free; in fact, it now apparently costs a whopping 17.50 (it was 15.90 when I went a few years ago), and I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s the kind of thing that’s ok to visit once if you’re really interested in the Tube, but you don’t really need a return trip. As far as lesser-known free museums go, I’d recommend John Soane House and the Hunterian Museum, both in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, if you haven’t been!

    • rukayacesar says:

      Ah that sounds so cool I’ll have to go soon then! Yes thank you, my boyfriend actually just pointed that out to me but I had it in my head it was free! My bad 😂 I think I’ll have to visit once and looks like your ticket is valid for 12 months so that’s something but yes, pricey! Thanks so much for the recommendations, and thanks for reading! 😄

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