One Good Thing | February 13th-19th

Monday 13th | I finished up my vlog on the Lush Summit and uploaded that on Monday, it feels good to be sticking to the Monday and Thursday schedule of videos and I’m happy to be successfully doing so each week! 

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Tuesday 14th | It was Valentine’s Day! Leo was actually working during the day so we just treated ourselves to a takeaway and did presents in the evening, I actually wrote a little post about our presents to each other so you can check that out if you’d like to!

Wednesday 15th | The best thing about Wednesday was probably taking the above photos for my Valentine’s blog posts – I so rarely take flatlay photos but I’m super proud of these! I definitely need to try and shoot more of them as they’re so bloody popular nowadays 😂


Thursday 16th | We took a little day trip to York as a Valentine’s treat, it was nice to get out of London for the day and explore somewhere new, and thankfully we were very lucky with the weather! I’ll have a post up about what we got up to soon. 😊

Friday 17th | Generation 2 arrived in Pokemon Go so if I’m being honest, going out to catch new Pokemon was the highlight of my Friday haha! 

Saturday 18th | We visited Southwark for a little double date lunch with a friend, it was great to catch up with them and visit a very quirky pub – The Lord Nelson if you’re interested! So much character and an insane affordable menu. 


Sunday 19th | The week ended on a high as I went to the cinema with Sam and Joe to see Newsies! It’s a show I didn’t get to see on Broadway and would love to have in the West End but for now seeing a live recording of the show onstage was good enough. Afterwards Leo and I had a roast dinner which is always a perfect end to a Sunday.

How was your week? 😃

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