Our Valentine’s Gifts to Each Other ❤️

I know, it’s all anyone talks about when this week of the year rolls round and I’m really sorry that I’m adding to the Valentine’s content buuuuut I’m having one of those weeks where blog ideas are just not coming to me, so I thought I may as well talk about something lovely to get the words flowing! 🙈

As our anniversary is in January and obviously we’ve had Christmas just before that, our bank accounts kind of hate Leo and I by the time February is here 😂 For this ‘occasion’ though, we don’t go crazy on gifts but still, I wanted to get something special. Duh! After a lot of thought and shopping around, as well as ignoring any hints from Leo (mainly as he wanted a frying pan that retails at around £100, not exactly what I had in mind), I found something I thought was pretty perfect.

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I’ve become mildly obsessed with a certain kind of design and had actually spotted this designer and his work at the Renegade Craft Fair last year. He has loads of small prints that you could do a pick ‘n’ mix of and now sells them in frames; I thought picking a few lovely prints and getting them in a frame would make for a nice present. They definitely do! It was actually kind of difficult to only choose 3 but I thought these summed up our relationship rather well. I’d definitely recommend checking out Sean’s work for awesome presents or just a treat for yourself.

Leo’s present to me was a total surprise, because it was something I was sure had absolutely sold out! I wrote a post at the start of the month with some Valentine’s gift suggestions so I think Leo may have done some Twitter or Insta-snooping to see that I liked the look of these – unless he can suddenly read my mind! Especially as he knew exactly which scent I wanted, which turns out to be truly delicious. Whatever his methods, I’m thrilled to have more candles and this Samuel Parris one is a very welcome addition.

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This is my first candle with a wooden wick, I’ve found a few companies recently that do this but haven’t seen it in action so it’ll be interesting to see how a wooden wick differs to a normal one! 

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When I ordered Leo’s present Royal Mail decided it should arrived smashed the first time round 💔 However Sean went absolutely above and beyond to sort it with sending a new frame out plus some extra goodies like the additional Polaroid print and patch which I may or may not be keeping for myself. Gotta #treatyoself 😏 These efforts were seriously appreciated though and even though I don’t need convincing of shopping from small business’, moments like this make it even more worth it. 

I also love the cards we got for each other, on the left is Leo’s card to me which is very much his humour, and I got his screen-printed card of two hearts intertwined from Jot Paper Co, it’s a nice feeling to know we actually bought all of the gifts from real people and not huge companies that don’t appreciate the sales as much. Feels good!

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I hope whatever you were up to that you had a nice day! 😘

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