One Good Thing | February 6th-12th

February 6th | I kicked off the week with a really productive start, and after having a week of feeling pretty crappy and unmotivated, this was welcome! As well as managing to get a fair bit of writing, editing and filming done, I also attended a focus group with some fellow London Small Youtubers with a new company to learn about the concept, site and give them feedback – it was a fun evening!

February 7th | On Tuesday I had to pop back to Southfields for a doctors appointment and on the way back witnessed the funniest scenario, which was probably the highlight of my day tbh.

February 8th | I had an early start on Wednesday as I had said I’d take some photos of a show at the Waterloo Vaults, it was a fun experience and I spent the rest of the day wandering the South Bank, getting some work done and also seeing the show in the evening!


February 9th | On Thursday I visited the Tobacco Docks in East London for the Lush Summit. I missed out on their last event here and was gutted so definitely didn’t want to let this one go by. I’m writing up a blog post about it and potentially a video too soooo once they’re online I’ll pop the links here!

February 10th | I wasn’t planning on leaving the house on Friday, especially as I was starting to come down with another cold but I saw on Twitter a new Jessops store had opened up near Oxford St and they were giving out free Manfrotto products and I couldn’t resist. I also wanted to have a little play with a camera I’m thinking of getting, so two birds one stone!

February 11th | In a very last minute turn of events, Shaun and I got to hang out! We also bought super cheap tickets to see Half a Sixpence, there’ll be a vlog of our trip up on my channel next week but it was so lovely to see him! 


February 12th | During the latter half of this week my immune system well and truly failed me so I mostly stayed in bed today but Leo did sneak off to Columbia Road to pick up some tulips for me which really cheered me up and were definitely a highlight of the day!

How was your week? 😀 

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