The Colours of Columbia Road

On a Sunday morning there’s nothing more I’d like to do than stay tucked up in bed, but when the tulips start appearing I’m lured outside by the calls of Columbia Road, and so that’s where I found myself this past Sunday! 🌷

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As much as I’d love to explore more of London this year such as areas I’ve not yet seen or places that aren’t already hyped up, there is a wonderful charm around East London and particularly the Columbia Road area. Previously when I’ve visited this area I’ve approached from the main road but this time I took a different route and it actually led me to find more delightful spots just off the flower market!

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Not only can you find an incredible selection of plants and flowers, there are plenty of delightful coffee shops, bakery spots, vintage shops and more dotted around Columbia Road, which are a bit easier to access as the shops on the road are always jam packed full or a bit harder to access. 

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I’m drawn to the colours at the market, like a magpie to silver. Side note: I genuinely just Google’d that to find out why that phrase exists and there’s a BBC article which simply says “Magpies ‘don’t steal shiny objects’” 😂 Regardless, I go to the colour, and when the tulips are out they tick all the boxes, they’re just so beautiful!

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I’ve been well aware of the crazy ‘Doors of London’ trend on Instagram but when you notice a couple in the space of 10 minutes you do realise we have some pretty awesome doors around here. So much so, I’m considering seeking them out. Wow – I sound insane, but look how cool this door is!!

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Lastly, of course, I had to get an Instax shot. I’ve been meaning to take the Instax Wide camera out more often but it’s so heavy I’m often put off. Sadly, this shot is out of focus so I’ll be sticking to taking landscape shots with the Wide from now on as the Instax Mini cameras are much better with closer shots in my opinion, but I still like the photo regardless.

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Have you ever been to Columbia Road for the flower market, or do you have a totally different Sunday tradition? Share them with me! 😄

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