My Ridiculous Tech Wish List

Sadly for my bank account, I love technology and purchasing new gadgets. Recently I seem to have accumulated a large mental list of things I’d absolutely love to buy right now but unfortunately I don’t have a money tree! 😭 I thought I’d at least share my wishlist here so I can get it off my brain somewhat!


iMac 💻

For 7 years now I’ve been using a Macbook Pro and it’s served me well, but ideally now with the amount of video work I do I’d absolutely love to upgrade to something that can handle a bit more. I’d never really looked at how pricey iMacs were, thinking they’d be way more than the laptops. Lo and behold, I was wrong! The iMacs are actually not a bad price for what you get, I suppose the price increases on the Macbooks considering the portability – it’s crazy.


Canon G7x Mark ii 📷

As a pretty constant ‘YouTuber’ I love having a smaller vlogging camera for the days that I’m out and about, ’cause I definitely don’t fancy breaking a wrist trying to vlog on the go with my Canon 6D! 😂 While I’ve been happy with my Canon G7x for the last couple of years and it’s served me well for close to 100 vlogs, I’d like to have something where I have more creative control. I’m tempted by the Canon G7x Mark ii as it would be a natural upgrade to make, but also even more tempted by the Canon EOS M5 because with an adapter I’d have the versatility of changing the lenses – something you don’t normally get on a small vlogging camera!

While lots of vloggers are currently making the switch to Sony cameras, especially the Sony RX100 range, with a Canon kit and lenses I’m reluctant to make that change…


GoPro Hero 5 🎥

I’ll admit, I’m already a GoPro user but I’ve never been hugely happy with my Hero 3+, maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong but I’ve always felt the image quality has just been a bit… Crap. Anyway as well there are the drawbacks of not having a screen to see how the framing is, and also I find the user interface of the 3+ super clunky. Therefore, with the travel plans we potentially have coming up, I think the 5 would be a worthy upgrade!


DJI Mavic Pro 🚁

It’s honestly been years now that I’ve lusted after buying a drone, but I’ve always been put off by the size of them as ideally – you want to be able to travel with it and not have it take up all your hand luggage! It’s no longer such a problem with the introduction of the Mavic Pro which is so tiny you could probably forget it’s even in your bag, and I think 2017 is finally the year I bite the bullet and buy one. 😬


Pakk Camera Bag 🎒

Ok so this one isn’t necessarily a tech object but it’ll certainly assist with lugging around a lot of tech! Camera bags, for the most part, are so ugly. I remember when I first started getting into photography eons ago it was impossible to find a camera bag that didn’t look like just that, but also they were never practical for anything else. Thankfully, that’s changing. Now if I search for a camera bag there’s plenty more choice, and one of the more affordable options I’ve seen very recently have come from Pakk, who are currently running an Indeigogo to meet production costs. The bag looks amazing and I’m hoping I’ll get my hands on one some day!

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