10 Quirky Cards/Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s February and that means it’s almost Valentine’s Day! I know, it’s basically a huge marketing ploy, but regardless I think it’s a great opportunity to treat the one you love to a nice little card and gift. I wanted to share some fab independent and quirky suggestions so you won’t be getting your loved one something stereotypical!

I’ll kick this post off with cards, because even if you don’t want to buy a gift for Valentine’s a card is always nice!



I’ve been following ONR (Oh No, Rachio!) for quite some time on social media now and adore the products she puts out. This card is such a pretty but honest, down to earth card and I think while it’s still a bit soppy it’s not too cheesy. Y’know?


Annie Dornan Smith

This card gets straight to the point, doesn’t it? I’m still obsessed with the brush lettering trend and think this card is so sweet, I especially like the Dalmatian vibes from it!



The cards Telegramme stock are really interesting, they kind of remind me of minimalist 50’s design and they’re certainly different to what you’d expect in a Valentine’s card! I think the typewriter one is my favourite but there are lots of lovely ones on their site.


Oh Squirrel

Another card that gets straight to the point! Also – glitter. Who can resist mildly annoying someone by getting them a card that’s going to cover them with glitter!


Taab London

Taab have a fantastic selection of cards in general, and for Valentine’s they have some with popular lyrics on! Some of them are rather cheesy which can be great for some couples but I really enjoyed this understated one, and the gold glitter confetti look is simple but beautiful.


Creighton’s Chocolate 🍫

Chocolate is always a winning gift, isn’t it? I saw Creighton’s online and loved their packaging, and the variety of flavours they make are really interesting! At £3.75 they’re also a pretty price on the pocket – considering how expensive artisanal chocolate can be. I’m definitely planning on picking up some bars but in the meantime I’m sure they’d make the perfect sweet treat for your sweetheart! 😉


Marbleus 💐

I’ve mentioned Marbleus on a blog post before, and I can’t help but talk about them again because I just love the products. Flowers are quite a stereotypical gift for Valentine’s but why not also buy a gorgeous unique pot for them to go in? If not for flowers I think these would look great to store things in on your desk, in the kitchen, lounge – basically any room! They don’t get have a site but if you can contact them via Instagram to get prices and order.


Samuel Parris 🕯️

I very recently discovered this candle brand on Instagram and if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m kind of obsessed with candles and love coming across new companies, especially if they’re based in the UK. Samuel Parris have a small line of intriguing scents, I certainly want to purchase the Vanilla & White Rum candle! They’re soy wax which I love, and prices start at £12.95 which is a good price for indie candles!


Stolen Form 🌷

When I visited the Renegade Craft Fair last year I saw these vases and still to this day can’t stop thinking about how cool they are! Again, flowers can be a standard Valentine’s gift so why not be different and buy and awesome vase to store them in instead! There are loads of industrial inspired homeware products in their shop and it’s so different. These are £30 so a bit pricier but definitely an awesome statement product!


Where to Go When 📗

I wanted to mention planning a daytrip/holiday as a gift, but also keep the products in this post under £30, so this is perhaps the best alternative! Where To Go When is a great guide by Lonely Planet, divided up my month of where is best to go in regards to the general weather, price and what’s happening! If you’re a couple who loves to travel then this could be the perfect book for you to leaf through and plan many an adventure! 

I hope this has helped you if you were feeling a bit stuck on what to get for a Valentine’s Gift, and if you celebrate the occasion I hope you have a wonderful time! ❤️

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