Where We Ate in Warsaw!

If you know me, you’ll know I love travelling, so I’m really pleased it didn’t take us long to be on a plane and out of England in 2017. As I’ve done with a few of the previous places we’ve visited, I wanted to dedicate a whole post to where we ate while visiting Warsaw, because what’s a trip abroad without exploring new tastes?! 🍴

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Our first stop after getting to the hotel was lunch, and Leo had scoped out the area via FourSquare and discovered Zorza, which I was happy to visit for the name alone. The decor of the restaurant was really nice and there was almost too much to choose from. First things first, drinks. I thought I’d be quite simple and go for a lemonade but then the waitress threw me by asking if I’d like it hot or cold(?!) and I thought why not, we’re in Poland, let’s have some hot lemonade. I wasn’t expecting mint to be in it but it was actually really nice!

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I was quite hungry so went for the steak while Leo was slightly more reserved and had their Chicago sandwich. Secretly, I’m sure he was very envious of my steak as it was pretty incredible. The whole experience was so nice, I don’t think we could’ve had a better first meal in Warsaw – we peaked on Day 1. 👌🏼

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(Not pictured: the sweet potato fries and feta dip that Leo would probably have married if he could)

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We had dinner at the hotel that night and I totally forgot to take my camera with me lol, such a great blogger. Let’s move on to the next morning!

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Palmier is located right next to Zorza and after eating there we did wonder if they were owned by the same people as there were lots of similarities. As you could guess by the name, the place is full of palms and also Edison bulbs, to my utter delight. For breakfast I picked the croissant with an omelette because I realised it’s probably been years since I had an omelette, and it was kind of a masterpiece.

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Again, lunch went undocumented – my sincerest apologies 😉 For dinner we visited Zapiecek which appears to be one of the most popular traditional Polish restaurants; we wanted to go here for their pierogis which had been reviewed with high praise.  

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It was pretty full inside but luckily we got a table easier than others (it was one of those cases where you say in a very British way, “That was good timing wasn’t it!”) and soon realised we had no idea just how much pierogi could vary! We’re talking two full A4 pages of pierogi options. I went for the very plain and simple meat options, and they come as a portion of 9 but when the waitress asked if we’d like more than that and I was under the impression Leo would have a good amount too, I said 12. A word of warning – 9 is plenty! They fill you up so quickly but were definitely delicious, I felt like I was in a pierogi coma after.

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Our next breakfast was at another place we’d discovered online that had good reviews and was in close walking distance to our hotel. Immediately, I was damn impressed by that door handle. Have you ever seen such a beautiful handle?!

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Sadly, I think the door handle would probably be the main thing I have to praise about Charlotte, while it looked relatively nice inside the space was rather cramped and the service slow. You can forgive that slightly on a busy Saturday morning but you’d presume they’d have enough staff on to deal with that. Also I was really looking forward to having a Croque Monsieur (they were a French inspired restaurant) but it definitely didn’t live up to expectations, and I’ll be honest didn’t even look very appealing from the moment they set it down!

Leo and I were both rather disappointed by it which was a huge shame.

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For lunch that day we didn’t have a clue what we fancied to eat or where to go, but had walked past this Italian place that looked nice and thought we’d give it a shot.

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We think La Tomatina was run by Italian folk, as they were playing an Italian radio station I believe and from hearing snippets of conversation you could hear a word or phrase here and there. Anyway, the pizzas definitely seemed legit, and they were delicious! I’m quite a plain Jane when it comes to pizza but I was very happy with my choice.

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We had planned on going to a bar/restaurant called Hoppiness for dinner on Saturday but by the time we got there it was really busy and again another fairly cramped space and with both of us being quite hungry we weren’t really willing to hang around for a table. It’s a shame as Leo loves craft beer and the place suited our needs totally! Instead we consulted Google Maps and I saw there was this place just round the corner that sounded nice.

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Borpince was probably one of the fanciest restaurants we’d been in to, and though the service was slow to start with our waitress was really nice and the food was pretty incredible. While slightly pricier (though everything in Warsaw seemed so cheap compared to London so it didn’t matter), I’m really glad we ended up coming to this place. Leo had an amazing duck dish and I opted for a thin steak because I was tempted by the ‘Lángos’ that came with it, which I soon learnt thanks to Google that it was a Hungarian flatbread. Makes sense as the restaurant was Hungarian! 

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For our final breakfast in Warsaw we actually ate somewhere just down from Borpince, at a cute, very hipster looking cafe/restaurant – Bulke Bibulke. Again, we’d had a little nosey online and saw this place had great reviews, plus we really fancied having pancakes and lots of people had said they were great, so it was a winner.


We both had literally the same thing for breakfast this morning! We tried a smoothie from their menu which sounded interesting, it was a blend of coffee, chocolate, almond, honey and banana. I think without the coffee it probably would’ve been a lot nicer as stupidly I forgot it would be warm – there was a weird mental block where my brain kept getting confused a smoothie was warm! 😂 Then for food we obviously had pancakes, which came with a great selection of fruit, cream and maple syrup, and they were very yummy!

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On our final day in Warsaw we wanted to visit the Museum of Warsaw as you could get in for free on Sundays (no idea why but why pay when you can go for free!) and afterwards wandered towards this restaurant Leo had quickly found online. Warburger looked so cool from the outside, as you can see, and had a really hipster vibe inside too.

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Obviously you can’t come to a place like this and not have a burger, so I went for a fairly plain burger but it had an Asian taste inspired jam inside which was nice. The bun was a perfect brioche and the chips were great too but for me the meat was just too rare in the middle. I’m not opposed to having things like steak on the rare side, but this was like blood red and falling apart (not in a good way) rare! So sadly I actually left most of the meat untouched.

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As we were flying at dinner time we didn’t have a final meal in Warsaw, instead we opted for the really healthy option of… Cupcakes! We’d walked past Cupcake Corner a couple of times and fancied something sweet so it made perfect sense to pop in. Leo had a black forest cupcake and I couldn’t resist the Oreo one and damn they were good! 

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Well that was a little food diary of our time in Warsaw! Have you been? Maybe if you’re planning a trip I hope this post has inspired you to visit some of these places! 😋

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4 thoughts on “Where We Ate in Warsaw!

  1. kulturgram says:

    I was surprised about the “Borpince”. Firstly I was like “it sounds soo Hungarianish”. And then I continued reading, and yes, it’s Hungarian :D I’m going to Warsaw in this weekend, and I’m very excited to visit some nice restaurants. Maybe I will have a look at Borpince too.

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