5 Social Media Changes I Want to See

Like most people my age, I’m pretty into my social media with keeping up with the latest updates and trends. Beyond that, I’m also fascinated with marketing and social media underneath the surface so I get a bit geeky with stuff like analytics and I also have many an opinion on what could be changed… Here’s that list!


Give us back the chronological feed and no one gets hurt. Seriously, I wish there were an option to change it back to how it used to be! I feel I’m missing out on so many accounts and photos because of a stupid algorithm that favours more popular accounts. Another one for Instagram which was a bit more specific – I’d love to be able to search hashtags within a location. You can search for images within a location and similarly it’s very easy to search millions of hashtags, I’m sure there could be an easy way of doing both?!


This one is pretty obvious. Give us an edit button. Please. Please. Please. I get why they don’t have one but it would be wonderful to be able to change that annoying typo you didn’t see until your tweet has been favourited/retweeted. If there were perhaps a limit on how many characters you can change or something like that, I think that would work, damn typos.


I don’t have too many complaints about YouTube personally, but one thing that does frustrate me is the way they choose which advertisements to show you before videos. They’re always the same! There are phases of it being adverts for pregnancy tests (which hopefully I don’t need right now), or Uber (which I use anyway) and most recently, a new Wicked the Musical advert. If you know me, you know I definitely don’t need Wicked advertised to me with the amount of times I’ve already seen it!


As with InstagramI kind of despise that the Facebook feed is no longer chronological. It makes sense as Facebook owns Instagram and so both sites shove popular posts to the top. Ugh! It would just be nice to have the option to change it, that’s all! 

Those are my brief pet peeves of social media as it stands, do you agree, do you disagree? Or do you have completely different thoughts on what could be changed? Let me know! 📱

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