Warsaw in Instax

Our first trip of 2017 was to Warsaw! My luggage wouldn’t be complete without a couple of instax cameras and of course I want to share them with a little insight to our trip too!

Normally I would only take my Instax Mini 90 but as I have a fairly new addition to my instant camera family I also had the Lomo Instant Automat too, which was helpful as I’m going to do a comparison post of the two cameras soon and as I travel a fair bit it’s a good way to put the cameras through their paces. 

One of the things I’d like to do more with my instant cameras this year is take shots that are a bit relaxed or fun – however I’m still quite a purist when it comes to shooting instant and prefer to take artsy shots 🙈

All airmail film shots are from the Instax Mini 90, white film is the Lomo Instant Automat (LIA) 📸


The first shoot I took wasn’t too long after we arrived in Warsaw (I would normally take a photo of the view from the plane window but as it was so bright it would’ve been so overexposed), and it was as we were first exploring after leaving the hotel. We were heading towards the Palace of Culture and Science and I thought it was such an interesting cityscape I really wanted to capture it. On our first day it was very chilly, probably around -3?! Therefore it was interesting to see how the film would react to the cold. There’s definitely some purple to the shot but overall it’s not too bad. 


The same can’t be said for when we were higher up on the Viewing Platform of the Palace of Culture and Science! I wanted to try and get a nice shot of the padlock on the wire with the tower behind but as you can see it was a lot darker with the clouds and I don’t think the LIA takes well to the cold.  


Back outside the Palace there was an epic neon sign that I definitely wanted us to have a photo with! Moments like that I’m grateful to have the handy Monfrotto Pixi Evo tripod, I used to take a GorillaPod around when travelling but this is so much easier. Not as much flexibility as a GorillaPod but it does the trick!


Considering I had the camera on the floor and had to guess the framing I’m pretty impressed the whole sign is in the frame! 😂 


The next day we went to explore the Old Town of Warsaw, and I feel it’s one of the iconic sights of the city so of course it had to be snapped. I didn’t intend to get the Christmas tree in the edge of the frame but it’s not the end of the world, I still think it’s a really nice shot! Again I wanted a photo of Leo and I with the cute houses behind us and managed that pretty well with the help of the Pixi! 


In the square of the Old Town there’s also the Royal Castle which is a pretty spectacular looking building. I loved the clock tower part of it and so got the LIA out to get a shot. I think it was probably due to the cold but it had a little breakdown… I ended up with an unintentional multiple exposure as the film refused to come out of the camera – a simple off then back on fixed the issue and I do quite like the result as you can see the flock of birds but I did go back to my Mini 90 to get a clean shot. 



The next morning we went for breakfast and opposite the cafe was a very interesting church, and I wanted to get a shot of the church with a tram going past underneath. We waited for the perfect moment and I took the shot but annoyingly it’s not bright enough! 😭 Still in its unique way I do like the shot but as we had to get into an Uber basically straight after and I didn’t have time to retake the shot I am kind of gutted. 


We visited a Neon Museum which was awesome and they had this incredible *huge* Berlin sign – I thought it’d be really sweet to get just a shot of the R and the L (for Rukaya and Leo obviously! 😉) and honestly I don’t think this shot could’ve worked out any better – it’s pretty perfect! 😍 I adore how crisp the neon itself is and the contrast is just spot on, it’s definitely one of my favourite Instax in my collection now.


After the museum we took a walk in a lovely park and I was determined to get at least one shot out of the LIA that was how I wanted it to be, and having had exposure issues during this trip I put it on the lighter setting just in case. Ironically I probably didn’t need it for this shot but hey ho. I think it still worked out alright and I do like this shot!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Are you also an instax shooter? I post loads of instax over on Instagram if you’d like to have a nosey! 👃🏼

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