A Year of Us

This will probably be the soppiest blog post I ever write, but January 23rd means a year since Leo and I became “”official”” and if there’s ever a time to write a ridiculous blog post about love (perhaps aside from Valentine’s), this is likely it right? 😍

We first started talking on Christmas Eve in 2015, and met in person for the first time on January 1st, and that in itself I find to be pretty sickly sweet. Many fun dates later I knew I wanted this guy in my life, and thankfully he thought the same.

In my eyes our strongest common interests are travel and photography and I think throughout 2016 both of these truly blossomed. We’re kind of bad influences on each other in that respect! We spontaneously booked an AirBnB in Wales for Valentine’s Day, which was delightful and also an interesting test on a new relationship, and soon after I mentioned how much I’d love to visit Amsterdam and within hours we’d booked a trip for the Spring

We also took a road trip to the Dordogne region of France where my dad lives, spent a long weekend in Copenhagen with Leo’s parents for his birthday, visited Vienna in September and also paid a visit to Copenhagen and Hamburg just before Christmas for the markets out there! Lastly, we’ve literally just got back from a trip to Poland as a little pre-anniversary trip!

You could say we’re mild travel junkies. 


As well as many trips abroad we’ve explored more of London together, had lots of fun photo days and generally had a lot of lols. I’ve also managed to get Leo into instax photography which is awesome, if he didn’t share this obsession we could have a problem! 

It’s difficult to put into words how crazy this past year has been. I always doubted whether I’d have anything like this, someone who cared for me so much and would go on adventures with me but we’re pretty much a perfect match in that respect. Yes we have our bickering moments but that makes for a healthy relationship right?! 😜

I feel really lucky to have our stupid in-jokes, already so many insane memories, plans coming together for the future but also the exciting uncertainty of what 2017 holds for us. Who knows where we’ll be this time next year! 

At the moment we’re planning a pretty big trip for the Summer so I don’t think we’ll do as many little trips this year but I’m hoping we’ll get round to seeing even more of London that we’ve not yet explored and also just more of the UK in general, ’cause we do live in a pretty beautiful country (well, some parts) and I’ve gotta see more!

Anyway. I feel like I could’ve been soppier but y’know, don’t want to go OTT! I just love this guy a lot and feel quite #blessed to have him in my life, and I don’t think our first year together could’ve gone any better. ❤️ 

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