How to Make Moving Out WAY Easier

I’ve done a lot of moving around in the last few years and I’d like to think I’ve got the whole ‘moving out’ thing down to a T. Okay, I’m sure I could be better at it still – but here are some of things I’ve learnt from moving 5 times since 2014.

First, let me say that the amount of times I’ve moved hasn’t been ideal. Long story short when my mum passed away I had to move out of my childhood home, stayed with family for a while, found a nice one bed flat in my hometown but realised it wasn’t right for me to stay there so tried the move to London again, was in one flat and have now moved into my boyfriend’s flat. 

TL;DR? Life. Life took weird turns. On with the tips! 👍🏼

1 | Think ahead with your money 💸

So you’ve decided you’d like to move, awesome! It could be out of your parents home or to a new location, but as soon as you decide or have this thought, definitely start to plan out your finances. Ideally you’ll already do this, if you’re young this might not have been a thought in your head – but moving in itself is expensive before you even start to think about rent and bills!

Of course it depends on the area but based on my experience with London it’s definitely not cheap. For example the girl moving into my old flat is having to pay around £300 in agency fees for referencing and a new tenancy agreement, then on top of that there’s a deposit to deal with before she can move in! 😱

Also, it’s more ideal to land a job before moving somewhere, or having money in reserve to make sure you’re not stressing about how to pay the rent – that’s the worst.

2 | Start to Organise 📦

Personally with each move I’ve been trying to cut down on how much stuff I own. It’s still at a ridiculous amount but has definitely been getting better; considering I don’t have a family home to leave things in that makes it slightly more complicated! Mentally it’s quite refreshing to organise your belongings, really think about what you actually need and perhaps consider donating things to the charity shop or letting some things be thrown out. I can be quite sentimental over stupid things so this one has been hard, but it is manageable and will make moving so much easier.

3 | Buy decent bin bags 💪🏼

I know this sounds crazy, but if you’re doing the above point and try to do a bit of a clear out, you’re going to need strong bin bags. It’s so frustrating when you’ve filled one up only to pick it up and have it split, or be on the verge of splitting as you’re transporting it to the bin or charity shop – the stress is real! Also, IKEA bags are bloody brilliant for moving things if you don’t want to be cluttered with boxes.

4 | Be Realistic 💭

I’m a bit of a dreamer when it comes to moving into new spaces. In my last 2 places I’ve wanted a desk, quite desperately, but it’s only now I’ve actually had the space to have one and for it to be practical! It’s pretty damn great. I digress – when you move you can’t help but imagine all the wonderful things you can do to the space or buy for it, but just remember (especially if you’re renting) that sadly there will be some limitations. Don’t buy things until you’re all moved in and have sensibly measured the space. You don’t want to buy furniture in advance then realise you’ve royally messed up and it’s far too big to fit!

5 | Keep paperwork in check 📜

As soon as you start getting emails and paperwork concerning a property, keep it organised! It’s a simple as making a new folder in your email inbox and popping everything in there, and getting a physical folder to put things like tenancy agreements, deposit confirmations, bills etc in. It just makes life a lot easier if there’s ever a moment you need one of those documents in a hurry or if there happens to be a discrepancy over anything!

Those are just a few tips that’ll hopefully help you or someone you know perhaps, I know there are loads of blogposts like this out there but I just wanted to chip in from my experiences! If this post has helped you then I’m really glad, and good luck!

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