5 Ways to Survive Blue Monday

We’ve got to that point in January where it’s officially got a bit glum. I am totally feeling it – the first week I was elated for a new year and still on a festive high from Christmas but now that’s all long behind us! It’s grey and raining, and it feels like there’s not much to look forward to… Let’s change that tune; here are some of my tips on how to survive the day that has been coined Blue Monday, and just January in general really!

Light 💡

The days are doing their best to get a little bit longer which means a smidge of extra light in the day, but what helps for me is adding to this! I’m not a huge fan of big room lights so I have an Edison bulb style lamp on my desk which gives a nice warm glow. As well, fairy lights and candles can easily make a room super cosy; basically go extreme hygge and everything will be ok 👌🏼

fb-cover-photoTheatre 🎭

If you know me you’ll know it’s not a surprise that I would suggest going to the theatre as a fantastic pick-me-up no matter the day or month, but there are some particularly fab ones on at the moment to definitely cheer you up. A blogger pal of mine Rochelle has written a fantastic post on 4 shows you can see for just £20 so I highly recommend reading that and heeding her advice! 

15802014_234171737021202_8874641256722989056_nFresh Air 🍃

While I’m funemployed and spending a lot of time in the flat searching for jobs, creating content and such, I often forget that there’s a whole world outside this room and it’s always recommended to not stay cooped up inside all the time! I’m lucky there’s a park nearby so it’s fun to do a loop up there and beyond just to get out for half an hour or so. It really does help my mood and I feel so much better after doing so – even if it is freezing cold and raining, it makes you appreciate the warmth when you get home! 

15803589_246427792455583_5728469496406999040_nA Good Book 📗

I definitely didn’t read enough books in 2016 so I’m going to try my best to read more from now on. I have already read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which was an easy read in my opinion (it helps that I’ve seen the play) but I’m also going to get a library card to read more and save some pennies. Two birds one stone! 

15876352_1570073073009926_3412932028746694656_nBeautiful Baths 🔮

This one can easily be paired with a good book too, but isn’t there just something wonderful about a warm bath and a delightful Lush bath bomb? A very easy fix to help sooth you after perhaps you’ve had a bad day. 

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