One Good Thing | January 9th-15th

Another week, time for another positive post! This one is a tad longer than last weeks, I feel my rambling ways may infect each of these weekly posts as we go along…!

January 9th | I’ve decided to try and upload two videos a week on my YouTube channel from now on, so managed to get one of those filmed early on, which set up the week well!

Said video ⤵️

January 10th | On Tuesday I trekked back over to Southfields to sort out some of the things I simply couldn’t be bothered to move before Christmas and it was a fairly successful trip in emptying my old room further (despite being very distracted with the Hamilton soundtrack and dramatically miming along)…   

January 11th | Wednesday was a bit of a downer in terms of creativity – I feel like I haven’t taken many photos recently and definitely haven’t taken any portraits in forever but after some chats with friends and brainstorming I have some plans and feel a bit better about it 💪🏼 

January 12th | I had to pop back to Southfields to pick some more things up from my old flat and also sort out some admin, but on the way back I met the kindest lady on the bus. She had a shopper bag and walking stick so someone kindly offered their seat (I was already standing, jic you think I wouldn’t offer my seat!) and I helped her move her bag closer. As I was getting ready to get off the bus she thanked me profusely and wished me the best for the future which was just really sweet! 

January 13th | It was Leo’s dad’s birthday so we took the train to Sandwich to surprise him! We had a lovely lunch at a place called The Hop & Huffkin and it was great to spend some time with them, I also got to see my sister and nephews briefly in the evening which was wonderful 😀


January 14th | I finally got to see La La Land, a film I’ve been so excited for! Sam and I went to see it at the Curzon cinema in Victoria, one I hadn’t previously visited so that was fun, there’ll be a vlog/review up on the film next week 🎥

January 15th | It was a miserable day weather-wise so I spent most of it inside writing, and when Leo got back from work we started planning more of a big US trip we want to take in the summer… 

Feel free to share your positive moments with me! ✌🏼

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