Mad About the Monograms!

A few years ago I visited Iceland and while we were in Reykjavik for the day we came across this gorgeous homeware shop called myconceptstore in which I spotted some lovely little alphabet blocks and since then I’ve loved seeing similar products crop up! What better way to share this love than write about a few of my favourite ones I’ve come across recently.

Firstly, a brand I love – Copper and Solder! Their Instagram is a wonder and I love the concrete products they produce. While these gorgeous brushed concrete letters aren’t yet available on their site I did ask and you can request them; I adore how they’re so simple but the copper brushed on adds so much.


This next new favourite is actually the one that inspired this post, as I saw Etsy had tweeted a photo of her work – how delightful are these buttons from Jo Lucksted?! I think they’d make the perfect unique addition to a coat (it’s a shame I don’t like wearing coats all that much) or perhaps a lovely little cushion. The possibilities are endless! 😱


So sue me, I’m featuring another concrete product! These ones from Emma McDowall are for the colour lovers though, she uses loads and loads of colour in her products and it’s incredible to see how well they take to concrete. 


Technically these are from the Oliver Bonas Christmas products (hence the mini trees) and I’m so annoyed at myself as I forgot to snag the letters I wanted in the sale but I’m sure you can find ones similar. Alternatively, wait for them to come around next year as I’m sure I’ve seen them in OB for a couple of years. I don’t see why these need to be a Christmas product just because they can hang nicely on a tree, I’d love to have these on display all year round…


Lastly a big company that you can always count on for alphabet products – Anthropologie! Just search ‘alphabet’ or ‘monogram’ on their site and so much is for sale, keyrings, hooks, door knobs, mugs, necklaces – you name it and they’ve most likely got it. They’re on the pricier side of things but it’s definitely worth keeping tabs on their sales for products like this!


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