A Whirlwind Trip to Rome

There’s a famous phrase that I’m pretty sure everyone knows – “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” That may be the case, but here’s what I managed to get done in just about 32 hours, close enough to a day right?! Ideally I would love to spend a little more time whenever I’m visiting a new place, but beggars can’t be choosers! 😉 I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos from the trip! 

As a little bit of context for you – this whirlwind trip to Rome was for the internship that I was doing at the time, not a bad day at the office hey! So very early on a Tuesday morning in October I found myself heading to Heathrow airport to hop on a plane to Italy. 

I think I might’ve visited Italy with my parents when I was very young, but I definitely don’t remember it so essentially this was my first time in Italy and the furthest West I’ve flown in a while – it was incredible to fly over the mountains having not seen them for such a long time.


After a couple of hours in the air I stepped foot in Italy and boy was it hot! England had just started to get chilly at this point and having looked forward to cooler temperatures, it was a bit of a shock. It took about an hour to get on a train and to the hostel, and after a quick lunch it was time to explore!

It had been a really early start to the day but I had a lot to do so my first port of call was the Colosseum, probably one of the most iconic sites of Rome? It was truly beautiful. I didn’t get the chance to go inside but seeing it from the outside was still very impressive.


I had taken my Instax Wide camera with me as I had a few shots left in it and figured it’d be handy with some of the sights in Rome, and it definitely was. This instant shot of the Colosseum is for sure one of my favourites!


In the same evening I went to see the Trevi Fountain, which was glorious as the sun was setting and absolutely bustling after I’d had dinner and returned – after which there were considerably more tourists around and money was being thrown into the fountain seemingly every second.


I had my first taste of true gelato that evening and oh jeez, it was good. 🍦 I’m a big fan of coconut ice cream and rarely find it in the UK, and it’s never as good when I do find it, but in Europe it’s so delicious! 


The next morning I was up bright and early ready to explore more of the city, but so early that I stupidly joined in on Rome’s rush hour – you’d think living in London I’d understand that every city has a rush hour but apparently I’m an idiot 😂 Every metro line seemed to have graffiti splashed all over it and I loved this, they had so much personality on them! 


The reason for leaving so early was to head to the Vatican City. Ideally I wanted to visit St. Peter’s Basilica for the view at the top but when I arrived I realised that wouldn’t be possible – I’m pretty sure a huge mass was going on… Great planning on my part! 


After observing the crowds and appreciating the glorious sunshine for a while, I headed back onto the Metro back to the centre, with my next stop being the Spanish Steps. That was 3 tourist attractions down in less than a day, boom! 


I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about the Spanish Steps and haven’t done that much research on them (this is a nice picture blog, not an informative one 😉) but it was a gorgeous area and verrry expensive. I genuinely thought I’d be able to easily find a pizza place around here but no, had to wander through many a side street until that was possible – what’s that about Rome?! 🍕 I did however have the best Tiramisu of my life while in this area so that totally made up for the lack of pizza places. Oh man I’d go back to Rome just for that Tiramisu. 


Despite it being Autumn the weather in Rome was just incredible, and having gone from England and its cooling temperatures to this was quite the shock. Saying that, it was beautiful to see the city in glorious colours, especially with the many pastel coloured buildings. Also – you’ve gotta love a sunflare 👌🏼


My last stop was the Pantheon, again another tourist spot I don’t know a huge amount about but is still a very impressive sight, I remember rounding this corner ⤵️


And actually saying ‘Whoa’ aloud. Maybe it’s because it’s surrounded by very ‘ordinary’ Roman buildings, the fact you don’t expect it to be there so suddenly, or perhaps just the whole striking image of it, but there’s something very powerful about seeing the Pantheon somewhat out of nowhere. 


Obviously, had to get another ice cream, like please it’s basically a requirement. This time I went for coconut with hazelnut mmm. 


So that’s a short little photo post of some of my favourite photos from visiting Rome! I’m hoping to edit together a little talk through video of fitting in all these sights in a short amount of time but honestly, as this blog is being posted basically 4 months after I visited Rome, who knows when that video will be done!

Hope you enjoyed these sunny snaps and they took your mind away from chilly Winter!

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