A Little Lush Haul

I tried my best to resist, but in the end resistance was futile – I had to go to Lush on Oxford Street and pick up some of the Christmas sale items. I’ve been so good recently when it comes to Lush and in the past few months have only purchased presents from there, it was time to treat myself a little!

First of all: let’s talk Christmas products. I know, I know, it’s 2017 shut up about Christmas – let me just get these out of the way then it’s done for another 10 months! 😂

I’ll be honest I hadn’t really looked into many of the festive products from Lush this year as I knew I had to resist purchasing them, so when I did eventually cave I was in there undoing all the pots to have a sniff and see what the products were like.


I’ve never used a body conditioner from Lush so that intrigued me anyway, but once I saw the colour of Christingle I knew I had to get it. It’ll go perfectly with my bright blue shower scrub Rub Rub Rub! It smells deliciously minty which makes sense as it has peppermint oil in it…


Of course I had to pick up an absolute classic, who can resist nabbing a bottle of Snow Fairy in the sale?! It can be a sickly sweet scent but in moderation I adore it. I’d not smelt Ponche before but it’s an interesting scent and very different to Snow Fairy so I thought it’d be good to have a contrasting shower gel to use.


While buying Christmas presents I picked up the Northern Lights bath bomb for my bestie and desperately wanted to buy it for myself so had to get one, I’m so so so excited to use this in my bath – it looks pretty on its own anyway!


Another bath bomb I picked up was the Mistletoe one, it looks very sweet and smells delicious so I’m intrigued as to how this one will do in the bath!


Onto the non-Christmas products! I have been using and loving the Vanishing Cream moisturiser for the most part of 2016 but I thought why not try something new in the New Year! Having sniffed through all of them and trying little blobs on my hand I went with Imperialis and I’m excited to try it out.


Something I’ve been meaning to try from Lush for a loooong time is their shampoos! I’ve used one of their conditioners (American Cream) and really enjoyed that, and felt it’d be interesting to try something a bit different on my hair rather than the standard Aussie stuff. I’ve also seen people say they’ve noticed a difference when swapping to Lush shampoos in that their hair doesn’t get greasy as quickly – a problem I certainly suffer with!


I went with Jersey Bounce and can’t wait to use it, I’m hoping to maybe try some of the liquid ones too but thought I’d go for one of the cheaper shampoos in the range first to see how my hair reacts to something new!

I hope you enjoyed this post, did you snap anything up in the Lush Christmas sales?

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