My 16 Favourite Instax from 2016

2016 was a great year for me and my instax cameras, I truly fell in love with taking instant photos again! I’ve loved shooting film since I was a teenager but with the developing costs it gets pricey – not to say instant film is cheap but it’s a quicker and more affordable way to shoot film on the go.

I took so many instax over 2016 it was hard to pick out favourites!

In the first part of the year a group of us went to Disneyland and honestly I’d forgotten just how incredible a place it is. I asked someone to take a photo of us in front of the magical castle and despite me always being a bit worried when someone else is taking an instant photo for me, they did so well! It’s the perfect group shot with loads of happy memories attached.


Back home in London there have also been some lovely memories. Leo and I visited the Sky Garden on a beautiful day and I’ve loved this shot of the Shard since. Funnily enough in the latter part of 2016 I visited the Shard with Instax themselves for Afternoon Tea! One of my favourite spots in London that I don’t go to often enough is Columbia Road flower market, I love it in Spring time when there are multitudes of colour everywhere, I’m really pleased with the shot of the tulips!


Something I always want to do more of is explore beautiful places in the UK. I’d never properly visited Brighton until 2016 when Leo and I went there for the day, in April when the weather suddenly decided to be tropical! I love the shot of us on the beach, and you can just see the old Brighton pier in the background too. The middle shot is from a daytrip we took to Margate and I just adore the striking colours and textures! Lastly in this trio is a photo of us in Morden Park with our film cameras which I think sums us up quite well! 📷

Next up is a little travel section, I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of instax while on our trips abroad this year so it was difficult to chose only a few! On the left is a shot of Amsterdam which is just so Amsterdam – bridges over the canal, bikes and beautiful architecture. The middle two are from Copenhagen and I love how contrasting they are – the left shot is of Nyhavn which is a gorgeous area, then on the right is just outside of Christiania, aka Freetown, which was a fascinating part of the city to visit. Far right is a shot of Vienna on top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which in my opinion has the best roof of any Cathedral I’ve seen!


This shot deserved to be on its own – I rarely shoot with my Instax Wide purely due to it being heavier than the Mini range but I decided to take it with me to Rome despite it being a whirlwind trip as I had a few shots left in it. I’m really glad I took it in the end as this shot is one of my favourite instant photos I’ve taken, and I’ve ordered more Wide film to shoot with this camera more in 2017 because it does produce incredible photos!


Towards the end of the year a new camera joined my collection, the Lomo’Instant Automat! The shot of the Tate Modern is actually the first photo I took with it and from that moment I was so impressed. I did a video on my YouTube channel about first impressions of the camera if you’d like to check that out! Despite all the grey days we’ve been experiencing, recently we had a glorious sunset and I practically ran down to Embankment to get the shot of the London Eye – as you can see the sky was divine.


Lastly there have to be some Christmas shots! The first photo I took in Cologne at the Christmas Markets by the Cathedral, there were so many beautiful strands of lights coming from the Christmas tree in the centre of the market, and I really love how the photo came out. The middle shot is another from the first day I tested out the Lomo’Instant Automat, despite accidentally leaving the flash on I’m so thrilled with how this shot came out.


Lastly we have a cheesy couples shot of Leo and I with the Christmas tree at home, celebrating our first Christmas together. Cheesy but a fitting way to finish this post!

Here’s to more instax shooting in 2017! 📷

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