16 Good Things in 2016

Well, it’s been quite the year! I fear this one will be a year we all look back on with slight disdain, so to balance things out I wanted to write about some of the brilliant things that have happened to me in 2016. Better to end the year on a high note right?!

1Love Life

January 1st 2016 was the day Leo and I met in person for the first time, and the rest as they say is history! We’ve had so many adventures already, in one year alone we’ve travelled to loads of new places, while also exploring more of the city we live in. It’s been scary falling in love, but an experience I absolutely cherish.


One of the biggest things Leo and I have in common is travel, and we’ve been lucky to be able to do a lot of it! This year has included Wales for Valentines Day, Disneyland Paris with a great bunch of friends, Amsterdam, France, Copenhagen with the family, Vienna, Rome for work and Cologne and Hamburg for Christmas Markets! I’m sure there are some couples who haven’t been to nearly as many places as we have and for that I’m grateful. Plus y’know, making many a list and plans for the future…


While my self-confidence isn’t great, the confidence in my abilities has increased this year for sure. Thanks to internships I know so much more about marketing, and I’ve improved in video editing not only for my own work but for content produced for others. I’m reaaaally hoping I can put all of that into paid work in the new year. Fingers crossed!

Consistency in Creativity

Along with confidence in my abilities, I’m proud and happy that 2016 has been a year of (mostly) consistent creativity. While my blog may have occasionally been put on the back-burner, I’ve created and posted videos on YouTube weekly, as well as completing Vlogmas, where I made a video every day up to Christmas in December, quite the challenge!

Insane Opportunities!

There have been a few crazy events this year that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. First of which, the Olivier Awards! Working at such a prestigious event was an honour, truly a highlight of the year. As I’ll discuss further later in this post, I blimmin’ love instax photography, therefore when they got in touch with me in the summer to be part of a marketing campaign I was thrilled. Towards the end of the year I also did a guest blog for them about a little day trip we had to The Shard in London, hopefully I’ll be able to work with them more in the future! In September to celebrate Wicked’s 10th Birthday in London they paired up with the YouTube Space for an event that I was lucky enough to get into! Therefore I could tick something off my theatre bucket-list: photographing an Elphaba getting the green on!

New Arrivals 

It seems that every year a new baby is welcomed into my family, which I’m very grateful for! Not only did we have a new baby in the family this time, we had a new baby in my closest friendship group! It’s scary because it means we’re definitely growing up now, and I’m still not sure I’m ready to accept being an adult!!!

Pokemon Go

Jokes aside, I bloody love this game. I grew up playing Pokemon on the old Gameboys, followed by the modern equivalents, but hadn’t thought much about it in recent years until this app came about. It’s just a lot of fun! I’ve explored new areas in London because of it and it fills up time when commuting instead of endlessly scrolling through social media!


Again, this is a bit of a crazy one, but the candle addiction has become strong this year. Not only that, but I’ve discovered many a wonderful brand and individual makers from this obsession and it brings me a lot of joy – that’s before the candles are even lit!

friendsFirm Friendships

I think it’ll always amaze me that I met some of these girls when I was just 9/10 years of age, and now at 22 we’re still going strong. We sadly don’t get to see each other as much as we used to back in the school days but when we do it’s like nothing has changed and time doesn’t come between us.
ps. Caitlin and Sarah if you’re reading this apologies for the bangin’ strawberry photo but I felt it fit our friendship well 😂

Mental Health

It’s been a rocky few years since mum died, but I feel like 2016 has been the year I’ve dealt with it the best. There have been moments of complete despair, loss and grief still but it’s been easier to cope with.


For over 6 years now I’ve been using instant cameras from Fujifilm, but I feel this year it’s gone up a notch both in terms of photos shot and cameras purchased! Though to be fair the lovely folk at Instax did give me one of their cameras as part of a campaign and I’ve been sharing the instax love with Leo so he has two of my cameras. I can’t wait to shoot even more in 2017!

Brilliant Theatre

It’s actually been a quiet year for me in terms of theatre, which is ironic as I thought by moving to London I’d be able to see more! There have been some exceptional moments though such as falling in love with my favourite musical again as Wicked celebrated it’s 10th Birthday and managing to get a front row ticket to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! 😱

Welcomed to a New Family

Being with Leo has made me so happy, but beyond that I feel very grateful that his parents have welcomed me so warmly too. We’ve had many lovely days out, time spent at their home, Christmas together and I’ve even been on holiday with them and another holiday is already booked for 2017! It’s just been really lovely.

Photo Skills

Can you tell at this point I’m mildly running out of good things that have happened this year? 😂 Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do feel my photography skills have improved this year. I’ve been into photography since about the age of 14 but there’s always new things to learn and styles to try and I’m enjoying exploring that. It helps living in London where there’s a lot to shoot, and plus I’m really in love with Instagram and find it’s a great platform to share and find lovely photos!

Moving, then moving again…

At the start of 2016 I moved from Northamptonshire to London, and now at the end of 2016 I’ve moved from one side of London to the other! After so much time spent travelling to and from my flat to Leo’s, spending rent on one place and not spending a lot of time there, it made sense to move in with Leo and we’ve made it a reality. Can’t get too comfortable though as we’ll no doubt be moving somewhere else in 2017 and I’m already exhausted just at the thought of it! 😓

 Making it through 2016.

I feel like this definitely deserves to be a point. It’s been a hard year in terms of famous losses, bizarre political decisions and tragic events but we’ve made it this far and I’m sure we’ll be able to make the most of it in the future. What we need to remember is to keep fighting the good fight, support each other, be kind and stay positive.

Well there we have it, my 16 good things from 2016. Personally I’m grateful to have had a pretty decent year – I’ve definitely had worse! Here’s to the New Year 🎉

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