Feeling the Cold

This week Leo and I returned to London after celebrating Christmas, and returned to find a very cold flat with a boiler deciding it didn’t want to work…

Naturally with it being December and England, it’s quite chilly now and the thought of having to put up with the cold wasn’t a pleasant one! We called British Gas in the knick of time and they managed to send someone out to see what was going on, but they couldn’t help much due to a lack of parts and promised they’d be back the next day to fix it.

After phone calls back and forth, a bit of miscommunication and us having to go out to Argos to buy space heaters, the engineers finally did something positive and managed to fix whatever was wrong with the boiler and we have warmth and hot water once again!

The reason I’m writing this post is while we were shivering in the flat we decided that hot chocolates and snuggling under the duvet while watching Star Wars (Leo is trying to make me a fan and it seemed apt after the sad news of Carrie Fisher’s passing) would be apt, so I popped to the shops to get us some milk.

Walking past the tube station I saw the homeless man who often frequents outside it, and suddenly felt so guilty.

There we were, worrying about how cold it would be in the flat without any heating overnight, figuring out a back-up plan of where/how we could wash if they didn’t fix the boiler the next day, and huge numbers of people have these concerns every day. No matter the day, week or month, they no doubt have to deal with it.

This has made me realise how grateful I need to be for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the food we are able to buy, the heat that keeps us cosy in the winter months and the readily available water that keeps us clean. We take it for granted so much.

It’s only going to get colder from here. I’m planning on giving some things to the man outside the station and hopefully it’ll help somewhat, there’s only so much an outsider can do but helping in a small way is better than no way.

If you can, please do consider donating to a charity this Christmas time, when we celebrate gifts of love and kindness. Let’s share that with others too.

Streets of London (ext. list) 


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