Christmas in Instax!

Of course I would be taking my instant cameras back to Kent with me for Christmas! I wanted to capture some instant memories of the festive season and thought it’d be nice to share them with you here.

On our first day back at Leo’s home we picked up the Christmas tree and also got round to decorating it in the evening! One of the things I want to do more in 2017 is take more casual instant photos that aren’t as artsy and planned, hence the shot of Leo decorating the tree where I basically just shoved the camera in his face and told him to smile 🙊 


Lomo Instant Automat

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been meaning to figure out how to use the remote (which is built into the lens cap) with the Lomo Instant Automat and I finally managed to work it out so we could get some photos together! There are two sides to the remote, one side is ‘instant’ and the other ‘time’ and I’ve yet to figure out the latter… Something to work on ha! 


Lomo Instant Automat

Naturally, had to get a shot of the tree. Leo’s mum had a little advent candle set up near it too so I thought it’d be nice to get that in shot, and spot the cats too! I’m still getting used to framing shots with the Lomo but thankfully most of them have come out alright anyway! Previous shots of Leo and I with the tree had artificial light only so I wanted to get a shot of us with natural light and I think it worked out alright 😀


Lomo Instant Automat

On Boxing Day we took a little drive down to Dover. A few years ago I scattered my mum’s ashes off the pier in Dover near our old house and if I’m able to I like to leave flowers here for her at Christmas time. Sadly they’ve started to do renovations on the seafront so I can no longer access the pier which breaks my heart a little but it was nice to be able to leave flowers close by.


Instax Mini Neo 90

A few mornings after Christmas we had the most beautiful frost across the garden and I knew I had to get a photo of it. I’ve not really used the macro function on my Instax Neo 90 much, I think I’m scared of wasting shots if they don’t look right, but these came out rather wonderfully. ❄️


Instax Mini Neo 90

On the same frosty day we took a little trip out to Bateman’s which is a National Trust site where author Rudyard Kipling used to live. It was really impressive and beautiful to walk around – in the grounds near the house there’s a large pond and as it was such a still day the reflection was a treat! I almost put the Darker setting on the camera then thought against it, in hindsight I wish I had. Even though the sky is a tad overexposed I love that you can see everything perfectly in the reflection!


Instax Mini Neo 90

Just before we hopped on the train back to London, Kent treated us with this beauuuuutiful sunset! On the drive to the station the sky was insane, pure fire in the sky type views, thankfully by the time we got to the station there was still some of it left to capture. Again, I framed it a little too high but I love the gradient of the sky so I’m happy with it anyway!


Lomo Instant Automat

There we have it, my Christmas instax! If you’ve taken instant photos over the holidays please do share them with me – I’d love to see them 📷 If you’d like to see more of my instant photos follow me on Instagram as I often post them there!

Hope you’re all having a lovely festive time!

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