Vlogmas So Far…

My poor blog has been well and truly neglected recently – I feel awful! It’s been a combination of lacking in ideas for blog content plus y’know, I’m filming, editing and uploading a video every single day over on my YouTube channel. I don’t know how daily vloggers do it!

While I have a total creative block in the writing department I thought I’d tell you about some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to this month and the videos that have come from it. It’s been exciting!

Obviously, there’s been a good amount of theatre trips, it wouldn’t be me otherwise! I took a little trip up to Northampton to see a production of Peter and the Starcatcher, also I’ve been to the gorgeous National Theatre to see their version of Peter Pan (I only realised at the start of the month how I’d unintentionally booked two Peter Pan related shows haha! Last but not least I went to a brand new theatre in London Bridge, the Bunker Theatre, to see Muted the Musical which I saw a workshop production of in February. Overall it’s been a pretty mixed month of theatre!

I’ve had a couple of exciting camera related days, both involving instant cameras! I received a new camera that I’d been looking forward to getting for a long time, so made a video dedicated to 1st impressions of it which you can see above. Also, very excitingly I was invited to visit the Shard in London for Afternoon Tea with Instax, my OG instant camera people, so that was an incredibly fun day!

As well there’s been fun days of seeing the festive sites with my besties, going to the cinema, shopping trips and of course sorting out lots of presents!

Here’s the whole playlist if you want to watch them all (go on – you know you want to)! I promise I’ll get my butt in gear to write some proper blogs soon, let’s just get 2016 out of the way first!

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