A Photo-Geek Gift Guide!

One of my favourite things in life is photography, and all the gadgets that come with it! As we’re now in the Christmas season it made sense to write up a little post sharing with you some gifts I think would be perfect for any photography lovers you have in your life!photo-gift-guide

1 | Fotoclips

This is actually on my own Christmas list this year to ideally make a new and improved instax wall! With these Fotoclips it’s pretty self-explanatory, you use them to clip loads of photos together! 

2 | Instax Film
Now I’m getting a bit more specific with this one, but if you know someone who owns an instant camera this will always be a winner. The cameras are so fun to use but the film costs can often add up so if it’s received as a gift it’s awesome! While I’m a bit of a purist with it and like the standard white frame film, there are loads of fun ones out there with Star Wars, Pokemon, Hello Kitty themes, and an airmail style which I’m quite intrigued about!
psst. you can buy the film at Boots now, so you can get Boots points too!

3 | Lens Cushions
I mean, these are just so cute. The Photojojo store is packed full of really fun gifts so honestly if you’re buying for a photo-geek you’re guaranteed to find something great on their store. I love the look of these cushions, I’m a Canon girl so obviously I’d get the trust Canon 50mm ha! They’d be so sweet on the sofa or as lovely little bed pillows for sure. 

4 | Memory Card
Various Prices
If there’s one thing every photographer definitely needs more of, it’s memory cards. Well, batteries too but that makes this sort of guide a bit more complicated! With technology evolving so much, high quality memory cards can actually be really affordable and make for an excellent useful present to give to a pal who loves photography.

5 | Lens Cup
This is another gimmicky type of product I guess, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! Lens cups have become hugely popular as gifts in recent years and when they’re detailed and look like the real deal everyone gets a kick out of tricking people into thinking they’re actually lenses! 

6 | Pixi Tripod
These tripods are a bit of a lifesaver when travelling! I used to have a Gorillapod to take on travels and while they are pretty brilliant and versatile, this little tripod is just easier to carry with you. It’s perfect for those little moments where you want a steady photo of you plus what’s around you without it being a super close up selfie! A seriously handy piece of kit.

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