Beautiful Independent Christmas Cards

I don’t mean to alarm you, but we’re officially FIVE weeks away from Christmas, oh my goodness! This year I thought I’d get ahead of the game and have loads of gifts etc sorted well in advance but despite my preparations I still feel rather stressed about it all… Anyway, I wanted to share some of the gorgeous Christmas cards I’ve been seeing from independent sellers to hopefully inspire you! 🎄


First up, we have these beautiful minimalist brush letter cards from LH Design, which I think absolutely embody the ‘sweet and simple’ phrase. I love the little touches on them such as the gold sprinkles, and there’s a ‘let it snow’ card with light blue snowflakes too. You can get these individually or as a pack of £6 at really affordable prices, plus 50% of profits from the Christmas cards are being donated to the British Red Cross for their Syria Appeal so that’s a good deed done too!


Next are the gorgeous illustrated cards from Emma Block, who often shares little snippets of her workflow on Instagram via her Stories and it’s great fun to watch. I remember seeing her doing the card on the right and thinking at the time how fun and lovely it was – imagine if all Christmas trees came pre-decorated so beautifully! I don’t think it would be quite as fun that way though… 😉 


I’ve always thought the illustrations from Plewsy are just so fun, and the Christmas cards they’ve brought out are much the same. I actually laughed out loud at the Christmoose card, and the fairy lights one is an accurate representation of how many fairy lights I aspire to have in one room!! There are so many fun designs in the shop, and you can also get an assorted box if you want to pick up a variety!


I spotted these lovely cards at the Renegade Craft Fair from Annie Dornan Smith and just adore the simplicity of them. The text is also foiled so if you’re a magpie like me you’ll love the shininess! 😍


Last but by no means least we have these delightful cards from The Lovely Drawer. I’m so in love with her work, and this mix of brush lettering and cute illustration is such a win! I think my personal favourite is the string lights card, can you tell I’m obsessed with fairy lights? They’re the best.

I hope this post has given you some Christmas card inspo and perhaps a little kick to start getting things done so you aren’t rushing around on December 24th! 😉

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