The Renegade Craft Fair

This year I’m doing my best to shop independent when it comes to purchasing gifts this Christmas, and the Renegade Craft Fair was the perfect place to discover some incredible makers. It was literally a treasure chest, there was so much to see!


The first stand to grab my attention when walking in was This Way to the Circus, I mean just look at all that beautiful foliage! Their plant pots are so fun, when I have a house of my own one day I’d love to fill it with plants in delightful pots like these. Also they love plants so much of course they’ve got pins of them too! 🌿 I really loved the star pin too, it’s so cute. 


I’ve been following The Lovely Drawer on Instagram for a while now so it was fab to see her work in person, it really is gorgeous. Renegade was full of beautiful prints, cards, stationery and more but TLD was definitely one of my favourites. 


If you know me, you know I love candles, and I was so excited to finally get a whiff of these Clement & Claude candles! I wrote a post all about my favourite candle discoveries and featured them in it and they smell incredible. I picked up a couple for Christmas presents and desperately want to keep them for myself! 😬 


It was a very pleasant surprise to see one of my favourite magazines at Renegade! I think I knew they were a sponsor of the event but didn’t think they’d actually be there, which was fantastic as they were selling the new issues at a discounted price so I was able to bring the latest issue home with me. Having only been buying Christmas presents for others, this felt like a well deserved treat to myself… 😉


The pin game was strong at Renegade, truly everyone has gone pin-obsessed and it’s awesome. There’s such a huge variety out there and honestly it was a struggle to not buy every single one of them. Above are a few of my favourites! Top left are from the Explorers Club collection from DKNG, top right are the new Christmas pins from Hello Sunshine, Elf is one of my favourite Christmas films so obviously the ‘Smiling’s my favourite’ pin is my favourite! Next up in the bottom left are pins from Scout Editions and they’re just so cute, little cacti, smiling autumn leaves, even a pigeon, they’re just brilliant. Lastly we have a selection of adorable cat pins from Emma Carlisle which are perfect for all the cat lovers out there! 


Yes, there were even more candles… These gorgeous ones are from Clerkenwell Wax Co. and I particularly loved the Japanese inspired scents of Yuzu and Cherry Blossom – especially Yuzu which is something I’ve never even heard of! It was a light mix of sweet and citrus and I’ve totally fallen for it. If it becomes available in their online shop it’s going straight on the Christmas list! 


It’s a huge craze at the moment and I’m not surprised, but like pins, brush lettering is huge right now. I love it, I think it looks gorgeous, and I’m trying to practise a bit of it here and there when I can, but for now let me just suggest some people who can do it brilliantly. It was hard to not be drawn in by the beautiful prints and cards at Annie Dornan-Smith’s stand – they’re so bloody lovely! 


I’m a sucker for beautiful illustrations, especially maps, so when I saw Livi Gosling‘s work I was all literal heart eyes 😍 Genuinely it hurts me when I see stuff like this because I want to buy it immediately but when I know I’ll still be moving around a lot in the next few years it’s silly! One day, beautiful art, you’ll be on my walls. I promise. 


When it comes to art, I also really love minimalistic styles especially when it comes to travel pieces and I completely fell head over heels with the work of Sean Mort – it’s so simple but works, argh I’m obsessed! 😍


One of the last stalls I admired was Stolen Form, who create gorgeous pieces of homeware out of seemingly simple objects – I’ve never been so into a brick. They also make coasters that look like manhole covers, cups that look like tins, it’s really fascinating how they can take these objects and make them appear so classy! I’ll be wanting one of those fabulous bricks in a future home for sure. 

I could easily buy so much at events like this, but for now I’ll save things for the Christmas list and for when I eventually one day have my own home, when that day comes I’ll probably have a list longer than my arm of pretty things to buy 🙈 

Hopefully this post has inspired you to buy some Christmas presents from lovely independent makers, check out the list of everyone who was there on the Renegade website as there was a hell of a lot and you’re sure to find something for everyone! 🎁

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