I’m Obsessed With Candles…

At this time of year people start to remember how awesome candles are – I get it, the days are getting shorter and it’s dark by 5pm (ridiculous!) so the best thing to do is cosy up under blankets with a candle lit. I mean, I light candles all year round, and it seemed like a sensible idea to share some of my favourite candles I’ve discovered! Plus if you’re stuck for  Christmas present ideas this might help you out. 😉

My love of candles began a few years ago now, but I was very much a Basic B and thought Yankee Candle was the best thing you could get in the candle world, boy was I wrong! In the last year especially I’ve found myself at loads of little markets and fairs where I’ve discovered beautiful independent companies that make high quality candles at affordable prices; these are the business’ I want to be supporting. 👌🏼


Hopscotch London

The case for me discovering most of these candles is through the beauty that is Instagram, and that’s exactly how I found Hopscotch. They don’t only make beautiful candles though, in their store you can find jewellery, stationary, homeware and beauty products too! I visited them at Netil Market the other week to have a sniff at all the candles and I can promise you – they’re delightful. I think my favourite scent is the Bergamot, and for a Christmas/Winter scent the Spiced Apple would be perfect, or the Cedar and Pine! 

🔥Priced at £10/14/20🔥


Earl of East

This company are another I discovered online and had the chance to sniff at Netil Market! The scents they have are muskier than those I’m used to but if you’re into scents that transport your mind straight to the woods and nature, this is where you need to shop. They have huuuuge 3 wick candles that are pricy, yes, but will look and smell incredible for even longer so it’s worth investing if you love the scent! 

🔥Priced at £16/20/50🔥


Clement and Claude

I’m planning on purchasing some of these gorgeous candles at the Renegade Craft Fair because they look gorgeous and I’m so intrigued by some of the scents! They’ve just released a new one called Firecracker which I am so ready to smell. Bonfire Night is one of my favourite times of the year, if the candle smells anything like that – I’m sold. 

🔥Priced at £14/20/25🔥



Leo and I went to Vienna and walked past this shop that I knew I’d love. It’s called Die Sellerie and is a beautiful little homeware store, and when inside I was drawn to these candles. The packaging is gorgeous, and they smell so incredible too! As you might be able to tell by the name, they’re a Scandinavian brand and are very much on trend with the Hygge craze hitting the UK right now (a trend I’m 100% ok with)! I’ve got my eye on the Northern Lights candle because hello, look at that stunning packaging! 😍

🔥Priced at €18/35🔥


The Wooden Sun

What fascinated me about The Wooden Sun’s candles when I came across them was the wick, I have never seen a candle with a wooden wick before! I’ve not yet got my hands on one of their candles but I can imagine they really crackle while burning which must be awesome, and their scents are really fun. I think I’ll be trying to get the Hot Chocolate one! 😋

🔥Priced at £8/12🔥

There we have it, my current candle obsessions 😍 You might’ve noticed as well that these are all soy wax candles (apart from Scandinavisk which have been made from vegetable sources) which I personally have found burn a hell of a lot cleaner. I don’t know the science behind it but I’ve definitely noticed a difference between burning the soy wax candles I have in comparison with others. Also they’re usually produced with higher quality essential oils for the scents; overall buying from these small business’ means you’re getting a better product – trust me.

For all the candle lovers out there I’d also recommend these matches to light with, they are amazing as they have such a long handle which means less of a chance of burning yourself! Plus the packaging is super cute too. I myself need to invest in a wick trimmer to keep care of my candles, if you trim the wick each time before burning it keeps the wick healthy when burning. Here’s a nice one from Hopscotch that I’ll be putting on my Christmas list…

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