Vienna in Instax

As some of you may be aware, when I travel, at least one instant camera comes with me, and for this trip two actually travelled with me! Here’s a look at my instant snaps from my first visit to Vienna!

Usually I’d just have my Instax Neo 90 with me on travels but as I was recently sent the Instax Mini 70 from the lovely folk at Instax themselves and had some film left in it, I thought I may as well pack it to come along. Soon I was very glad that I had done as my Instax 90 had a little bit of a hissy fit on the plane journey and decided it didn’t want to eject film, which caused me to have a tiny panic…

Post-panic, I chilled out and thought logically that I’d be able to fix it when at our apartment, and instead took this nice little window photo with the Mini 70!


Basically the problem was that after taking the shot the film wasn’t coming out of the camera, it was still whirring away like normal but for some reason it didn’t want to eject. 😩

Later on I took the camera into the darkest room in our apartment, opened up the camera and was able to take out the piece of film that previously wasn’t coming out. I was advised to put a new cassette of film in but didn’t want to waste four shots so risked it and put the old cassette back in and thankfully, the rest of the film was fine! So if that happens to any of you, now you know how to sort it out, just make sure you’re in as much darkness as possible so you don’t expose and ruin the rest of the film! 👍🏼

Back to the pretty photos!


We didn’t immediately go to the centre of Vienna on our first day, so the first two instax in this photo were taken by Naschmarket which is a huge street market. I really loved the architecture in Vienna so wanted a snapshot of that, and the old trams were just so adorable. Much nicer looking than the new ones! Lastly of this set I took a shot of Karlskirche, like most cathedrals it’s really impressive and I thought it would make a great instax – which it does!



Another place on our list was Prater, which is a huge park that also has an amusement park within it. On our way there we found this bridge that went over the water which really fascinated us and we spent far too long waiting for trains so we could take photos! Autumn has really arrived in Vienna and I had to get a photo of the mix of greens and browns with the leaves on the ground. Lastly in this set we’ve got the Prater Turm, one of the highest swing carousels in the world, that Leo and I actually went on! It wasn’t too bad once we were up there but I did feel a tad sick afterwards…


While in Prater we had to go on the beautiful ferris wheel as well, and we happened to time it really well with a beautiful sunset. Sadly it didn’t show up as well on the instax photos but I promise you – it was gorgeous!


We visited the Schönbrunn Palace and I realised we hadn’t taken an instax photo with us in it so I thought it’d make for a nice backdrop. The light conditions while we were in Vienna made it tricky for photographs – it was SO bright! Which I’m not complaining about, we were really lucky, but it made it a struggle for the instant cameras to cope with the blown out areas. You can just about see the Palace in the photo of us but sadly it’s not very noticeable in the left hand photo. Oh well!


Next up we visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral as we definitely had to go up the tower while in Vienna. Leo had shown me photos of the roof before we went and I had to see it in person! Again, it was really bright but I’m pleasantly surprised at how the lefthand photo turned out as I had to shoot blind in a way and stick the camera through the railings and hope for the best! 🙈 The fact that I got everything in shot was a miracle. The righthand shot is perhaps my favourite of the instax from Vienna, I mean, just look at that roof. Here’s a digital shot for you to fully appreciate its beauty!

Lastly, we couldn’t leave Vienna without visiting a photobooth. I thought it’d be really cute to get a photo of me in the photobooth as well but sadly I didn’t put the flash on so it’s a tiny bit blurry. It’s fine though, I still really like the photo!


So those were my travel instax snaps from Vienna, I hope you’ve enjoyed the post! Let me know if you’ve got any Q’s about instax photography, and share with me your photos if you’d like 😀 I recently put up a video about my new Instax Mini 70 that the company sent me so if you’d like to know more about that you can check that out, I’ll have a full review of the camera up soon!

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