Wicked at the YouTube Space!

Recently, the YouTube Space in London relocated, and out of curiosity I was checking out their website and upcoming events when I discovered that they were doing an event with Wicked the Musical to celebrate the upcoming 10th Anniversary. Obviously, I had go to.

It’s no secret that I bloody love Wicked, it’s literally changed my life and recently my fangirl levels have increased once again to dangerous levels with Rachel Tucker’s return to the show… Naturally considering I talk a lot about theatre on my YouTube channel it made sense for me to be at this event, and despite there being a sort of restriction saying only those with over 1,000 subscribers could go (lol please subscribe to my channel), after a couple of sad tweets and an email, I was granted permission to meet the Wizard. Wait, no, that’s wrong, but y’know what I mean!


It was incredibly exciting to be visiting the new YouTube space, it’s truly a beautiful place and makes for a perfect workspace if you’re a freelancer/creative who needs somewhere that resembles an office in a comfy atmosphere that’s not home.

The space is really amazing in how versatile it is, we were directed to an area full of seats and then a very clever wall came down behind us which presumably is soundproof so no matter what’s going on in there, anyone working in the main cafe area won’t be disrupted. It’s a great way to use the space as much as they can!


Having admired some of the costumes and props from afar for years now, being able to get up close and personal with them was insane. I’ve been backstage at Wicked before (top 10 theatre experience fo’ sho’) and we had a sneak at the bubble dress very briefly but I’ve never been able to inspect it as much as I could here. It’s beautiful. Each sequin on this masterpiece is hand-sewn on and every time I remember this my mind is blown! The company manager of Wicked was at the event happily chatting to fans and told us sometimes things will fly off costumes on stage and the first place they’ll check is in the bottom of the bubble dress as it acts like a broom! This nugget of knowledge made me laugh so much when he told us – what a mental image!

Of course we’ve also got the stunning Act 2 Elphaba dress, of which the detail is incredible. I think it truly epitomises Elphaba and all she’s been through within the show. I wish I’d taken more close ups of the dresses while I was there, stupidly I totally forgot to! Fingers crossed there’ll be another opportunity for me to do this one day…


After hearing the principle cast talking about the show, their relationship with it and how much they love it, they had to scoot on back to the theatre to do a show that evening. You can hear their answers and more in the vlog which I’ll pop at the bottom of this post!

We were asked to leave the little lecture type space we were in for them to re-arrange things which was the perfect opportunity to connect more with the people I’d literally met just an hour or so earlier. The atmosphere was so nice as you could pretty much walk up to anyone, say hello and strike up a conversation as you all definitely had YouTube in common and maybe even had theatre/Wicked in common too!


It has been a DREAM of mine, for 4 years now, to photograph an actress getting green for Elphaba. Photography is a big part of my life and ever since I first saw Wicked it immediately went on my bucket list. Safe to say, I think I’ve now partially ticked this off the list. Jessamy Stoddard (pictured) has just joined the cast of Wicked as 1st Cover Elphaba, and this was actually her first time getting painted green! I’m so thrilled for her that she’s actually got photos and videos of this occasion as this rarely happens, covers never get official high quality photos so I’m really pleased I could get some snaps as well!

Fingers crossed one day I’ll be able to do this in the Apollo Victoria for real…

I think Jessamy looks stunning in the green make-up, especially with her green eyes complementing the whole look! The make-up team at Wicked are so incredibly talented, and after they were done they asked if anyone else would like to get a bit of green on them. Of course, I couldn’t resist! Having it painted on myself was awesome, it really is an art of how they do it, but I’m glad I don’t have to try and scrub all that off 8 times a week! 😂

The closest I'll get to playing Elphaba. 👍🏼

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It’s safe to say I had an incredible afternoon, and I feel very grateful to have been able to go to this event. It would be awesome if more events like this happened in the West End with theatre, it’s so great to get a behind the scenes look at the shows we love!

Here’s a vlog from the afternoon which shows clips from the panel plus the make-up process for Elphaba & Glinda with loads more so please do give it a watch!

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