The September Dreamlist

Last month I wrote a little post dreaming about lovely things that I wish I could afford/house right now, and it seems that I never stop discovering things that fit in this criteria. Naturally, this meant I wanted to write yet another dreamlist, so check out what I’ve been drooling over this month!

Most of these beauties have been discovered via Instagram so naturally I’ll be linking all accounts, sharing some of my favourite products and how much you can pick them up for if you fancy treating yourself!


Copper and Solder
My first product love is from a little company called Copper and Solder, who make homeware products from concrete and copper, and also have a very visually pleasing Instagram account. For the last few years now I’ve been obsessed with homeware even if I can’t really afford to buy lovely things for a home just yet (one day, sweet dream house, one day), instead I just keep tabs on all the stuff one day I’ll be buying! Sweet candle holders like this start at £10, so for gorgeous independent homeware it’s an absolute steal. What I love as well is that the genius’ behind this company are always experimenting with their products and techniques and document it online, it’s really cool to see that process.


Blom & Blom
It’s actually thanks to my internship that I’ve discovered this creative duo. They’re two brothers with a fascination of forgotten objects and their rich history, and are determined to do their best to retell them. Essentially, they are kings of up-cycling. I’m particularly into their lighting (I have a big thing for Edison lighting), and their modern designs are really awesome too. Another thing for the future house! 😉


Ctrl Alt Delete
One thing I’ve realised recently is that work life has literally taken over most other aspects of my life, and sadly it means I haven’t sat down to read actual physical books in a long, long time. Recently I went on a short trip to Copenhagen (more on that when I actually have time to properly blog lol), picked up Girl on The Train and finished it in 2 days, and boy have I missed reading! I’ve seen about Emma’s book, Ctrl Alt Delete, a lot over the internet as she’s a fellow blogger so many people I follow were talking about it but it was only when I watched Hannah Witton’s video collab with Emma that I really wanted to pick up the book having heard more about it – so for now this is on the dreamlist and when I have free time again I’ll be buying and reading it, and I can’t wait!


Archie Proudfoot Prints
Recently I’ve become incredibly drawn to sign lettering, and the deeper I delve into the talent that is creating this type of work, the more amazed I am by it. The depth they achieve in the prints is incredible, and Archie’s work is the selection I’ve loved the most so far. I think this WORK print, which is £75, would be awesome in a freelancers workspace to encourage them throughout the day! This style of art also really reminds me of fairground styles of type so has that fun and carefree edge. I love it.

Well, that’s what I’ve been obsessing over recently, if you want to share with me something you’ve been dreaming of buying I’d love to hear it, and even better let me know if you’re going to start following/buying from some of these creators thanks to this post, that’d be super cool.

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