The Magic of Instant Photography

By now it’s really no secret whatsoever that I adore photography, and instant photography has a special place in my heart. I love how the images look, how quick and easy they are, and overall just how fun they are! I’ve written quite a few posts about my Instax collections from various trips but wanted to talk more about my favourite Instax camera and a new one that I have my eye on…

It was just under six years ago now that I bought my first Instax camera in New York, at the huge photography store B&H, and it was the Instax Wide 210. A huge, clunky thing that I adored taking photos with and still have today. Sadly I rarely use it because it is quite heavy and not as practical to carry around, and since then I’ve had an Instax Mini 25 (which my boyfriend has now pinched from me) and currently use an Instax Mini Neo 90, both are very much bag friendly in comparison with the Instax Wide cameras.

Happy 3rd birthday to my favourite little instax camera! 🎉 #repostmyinstax

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Recently the world of instant photography has been coming on leaps and bounds, despite Polaroid and Fujifilm doing their best to dampen spirits by discontinuing the production of their instant films for older camera models. The heart weeps. 💔 However, to make up for this Fujifilm have obviously developed the Instax range and still happily produce the Instax film (God forbid the day they cease to make that), and the folks over at the Impossible Project are doing a wonderful job in keeping the Polaroid scene alive.

However I always forget that Lomography also have their range of Instant cameras, and unfortunately I’ve yet to use one of them. I mentioned one of their cameras a few blog posts ago, and just this week they announced a new Kickstarter campaign for a new range of instant cameras they’ve developed. Despite seeing about it when they first announced it, when I checked back later in the evening their target had already been smashed and I had to scramble to fill in my details to make sure I could get one!

With every new instant camera, the features on it get better and better. What I really love in the Instax Neo 90 is the relative creative control you have over it – such as focus and exposure plus some fun modes like bulb and multiple exposure! Plus it’s so lightweight I can sometimes forget it’s even in my bag. With the Lomo’Instant Automat they’re taking things even further, with unlimited multiple exposures, up to 30 second Bulb mode (which means epic light paintings!) and other technical bits and bobs that I won’t confuse you with. I’m really looking forward to using a Lomo’Instant camera after being so well acquainted with the Fujifilm Instax range!

There will also be some different lenses coming with the camera that I can’t wait to play around with as I’ve never used anything but the standard lens on an instant camera!

Shown below is the South Beach camera, let’s just take a moment to observe its beauty. 😍


I can’t wait to receive this camera later on this year, there’s still plenty of time to back the project and get your hands on one of these cameras at a cheaper price, be one of the first to own them! There will definitely be a review post of the camera on here as soon as I have it in my possession – it won’t take me long to get out and use it!

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