The August Dreamlist

Being an avid watcher of YouTube vloggers, there comes a time in the month where there’s a high frequency of ‘Favourites’ videos, full of incredible products that I could only afford in my dreams. I thought I’d do a spin on this and still be a little materialistic, but instead talk about the things I’d love to be buying!

I’ll crack straight on with it.

Lomo’Instant Milano
£105, Lomography

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of instant photography, I have quite a few Instax cameras already (one of which my boyfriend has stolen…) but the Lomography x Instax collaboration is a range I’ve yet to try/buy. The newer ranges of Instax cameras give you a lot more control over how the final image can look in terms of exposure (long and multiple), flash, and with this camera, even the colours! As much as the images can be pretty spontaneous and perhaps technically not perfect, you can if you want set it up to be the exact image you want it to be. Plus, can we just look at how gorgeous this camera is?!

Instant film can be pricey but it’s a wonderful way to keep memories, as you can see from the Instagram image I have quite the collection already; that’s not even all of them!


Various Patches
$7.50, Asilda Store

Recently I’ve developed an obsession for patches, I really want to cover my backpack in them – mostly ones to do with where I’ve travelled to and where that bag has come with me but they’re quite hard to find at the moment so I’m thinking about finding a way to get them custom made. However, a friend showed me this store which sells the most beautiful patches, a lot to do with photography and travel. I want to buy them all. It’s really hard to resist doing so.


The Spell, Spa Treatment
£70, Lush Oxford Street

This one isn’t a product but anyway, it’s still something I’d love to have. Ever since I found out about the Lush spa I’ve been dying to take a visit, hoping that if I put it on enough birthday and Christmas lists someone would be kind enough to buy me a voucher… It’s a lot to ask though considering the price! I’ve heard really good things about the spa treatments so maybe one day I’ll end up treating myself 🙊


Soy Wax Candles
£20, MBotanicals

Last weekend we quickly popped into Hackney to visit Etsy’s London Local Pop-Up and my favourite thing that I spotted was candles, I’m obsessed with them. Candles made with soy wax are generally made a lot better and burn cleaner (I plan on doing a lot of research on this soon and writing a post about it, that’s how crazy about candles I am!), so whenever I see companies that have made them this way I’ll definitely give them a sniff. I only had the chance to smell MBotanicals Vanilla Bean scent but it smelt really good, so it’s being added to my list of candles to buy. Also, I like supporting independent sellers and this ticks that box as well!


Okay I think that’s enough dreaming of materialistic things for one day, there’s always a lot of things I see that I’d love to buy so perhaps this could become a monthly thing. Who knows! It’s quite fun to write about lovely things and it’s nice to promote small sellers too, so I hope you enjoyed this post! 😄

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