Sunday at the Seaside

Recently I’ve fallen in love with Betty Magazine. It’s a beautiful publication, and their social media is blimmin’ glorious; naturally when I saw they were organising a photowalk it was a bandwagon I certainly wanted to hop on, and that’s how we ended up in Margate on a gloriously sunny Sunday.

Our morning sadly did not start off as planned, as Leo and I were stuck waiting at St Pancras Station. We couldn’t get through the broken ticket barriers and had to sadly watch the train leave without us (cheers Southeastern, top quality service as usual 👌🏼). After a 40 minute wait we were finally on our way to the seaside and by this point I was quite pleased to be out of London.

When we got off the train, Margate felt practically tropical. This could’ve been because of the insane air conditioning on the train making it feel like an ice block, but also we have been very lucky with the weather recently delivering a nice amount of sun and warmth. The Margate Carnival was also happening and even though it hadn’t kicked off by the time we got there, a buzz was definitely in the air.

Margate Photowalk1Margate Photowalk2

We caught up with the rest of the photowalk in Dreamland, an amusement park just off the seaside. I always find it amusing to see places in person that you’ve seen so much on Instagram. The ‘Kiss Me Quick’ sign in particular is one I’ve seen quite a lot! I still can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather, the bright colours of Dreamland were perfect with the blue skies and fluffy clouds as a background. We managed to squeeze in a ride on the ferris wheel and the swings, how beautiful is the rainbow of the ferris wheel?!

Margate Photowalk5Margate Photowalk6

London sucks. I want to be by the colourful seaside in the sun forever please.

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From Dreamland we wandered along the seafront, stopping briefly at Melt for ice cream as Charlotte, from Betty Magazine, claimed it was the best ice cream in town. She was right. I thought I’d be sensible and get a tub rather than cone, thinking “Duh, it’ll get so messy in a cone with this breeze,” but oh how I was wrong. It got messy. Delicious, but messy.

Margate Photowalk10Margate Photowalk9

We carried on through the quaint back streets of Margate by cute vintage shops and cobbled streets, with everyone having to pause at the adorably named ‘Love Lane’ to take many an Instagram. I loved the cheeky signs in a shop further up the road 🙊

Margate Photowalk11Margate Photowalk12

Next stop was a ridiculously cute shop, ETC, which is full of beautiful plants and homeware – it’s a haven for bloggers/Instagrammers. I loved the little cactus ceramics in the window, I thought it looked like they were dancing and that tickled me.

Margate Photowalk13Margate Photowalk15

We then walked back round towards the sea where the coastline was suddenly full of people ready to party for the carnival. The scene looked totally different to when we arrived in Margate, and a lot louder too! There’s a pier you can wander along with shops and cafes underneath, with a level above where people were fishing and sunbathing. To my surprise, at the end of the pier kids were running and diving off the end of it! It was awesome to watch, they had no fear. My brothers and sisters have told me about the times they’d dive off the piers in Dover when they were younger and I’ve always wanted to do something similar, and considering how hot it was on Sunday it was very tempting…

Margate Photowalk18Margate Photowalk17edit

Of course my Instax Mini was with me and I got some really cute snaps on that, I know the beach one is over-exposed but I love how it came out! Then there’s Leo and I under the Love Lane sign (vom I know 😉) and the view of the sea from the pier which is now one of my favourite Instax photos I’ve ever taken. We ended up shooting a lot of photos on film so when I get the rolls developed lots more lovely photos from this day will be up on the blog!

The last stop on our day out in Margate was to The Shell Grotto, something that a friend of Leo’s had suggested we visit. Upstairs there’s a cute cafe area and gift shop, and at the back of the shop you can go down into the grotto itself. I think it cost £9 for both of us to go down there which is fairly reasonable – I presume most of it goes towards the upkeep of the grotto. It was fascinating to walk through, there are so many shells! The grotto is fascinating, especially as it lay hidden for so many years, there’s still speculation as to why it was built. I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Margate Photowalk19Margate Photowalk20Margate Photowalk22

So that was our Sunday at the seaside. Spending a hot day in the city vs. the seaside is incredibly different and it was great to explore a new town. Thanks to Charlotte from Betty and Xanthe for organising a lovely walk! ☀️

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