Saturday in The City

“There’s nothing like summer in the city, someone in a rush next to someone looking pretty.” Get the reference? ;) Last weekend we ventured out into ‘the city’, which is normally swarming with businessfolk but on the weekend is eerily quiet like a post-apocalyptic London, to explore markets and enjoy the sunshine.

Considering how long I’ve been visiting and living in London, you’d think I’d have covered the big markets that everyone has been to, but that thought is completely wrong. There is still so much of London that I’ve yet to see. One of these is Brick Lane and the market there! I really wanted to stop by here after discovering a little company who tick all the boxes for me – Film’s Not Dead. I stumbled across them on Instagram and saw they had a stall at the market every first and last weekend of the month so thought it’d be rude not to go and have a nosey.

We got off the tube at Liverpool Street Station and from there walked towards Brick Lane, wandering past restaurants that could take the weekend off due to a lack of customers in the area, tall buildings absolutely empty, the streets quiet. I’ve never been to the business area of the city during the week to know what it’s like when it’s full but I think regardless, I’d prefer it at the weekend. We diverted and popped into Spitalfields Market to have a little look round before carrying on towards Brick Lane.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

We quickly found the Film’s Not Dead stall and I then proceeded to play with most of the cameras there, thankfully they encourage you picking them up and seeing what they’re like – which makes sense as they’re aiming to bridge the gap of people’s knowledge of analogue photography. I was particularly drawn to the TLR (twin lens reflex) cameras, I so wish I could afford to buy and shoot with one. A few months ago Leo and I went on a workshop with Lomography with a TLR which was really fun, they’re quite tricky cameras to get to grips with but medium format film is so rewarding.

I’m also obsessed with that darkroom lightbox sign. I’ll be searching one of those out for my future house that’s for sure.

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The FND team are full of knowledge and could probably answer any question about film cameras you have so if you want to try out the wonders of analogue photography or are already interested in it and want to browse through some beautifully maintained cameras do check out their stall and their website!

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There’s so much to explore in the Backyard Market, two of my favourite discoveries included art and light! It’s pretty easy to see why Faizal Lulat’s stall caught my eye – this style of art is so fun and carefree but with some pretty deep messages. I’ve been browsing through his Instagram and now definitely want to buy some of his work!

Then naturally, I was drawn in by Edison bulbs. I bloody love these things.

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We left the market and wandered through the streets in search of the bus stop we needed, and passed so much street art on our way. This is one of the things I love about London and cities in general – yes ok it’s technically graffiti but when it’s pretty I’ll appreciate it.

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Processed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with n1 preset

Recently I’ve been introducing film photography to Leo and so we’ve both been shooting quite a bit of film. I definitely shot more on film than digital this weekend so when I get the rolls developed I’ll be writing up a blog post full of images when I get the film back!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

What else have I been missing out on in London? If you’ve got a list of places to visit definitely let me know 😀

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